The Key Qualities Of A Virtual Assistant


The Key Qualities Of A Virtual Assistant


Saving money is probably the most important aspect of any business, especially for small companies. This is where hiring the right virtual assistants can help your company save money and make it run smoothly.

As a small business owner, managing your time effectively allows you to deal with the most important parts of your company: growth and development. This, in the long term, translates into that golden thing we call profit.

When you hire a virtual assistant to deal with all the day-to-day non-essential tasks, it allows you more time to go the extra mile when it comes to looking after important clients.

In 2006 the virtual assistant industry saw a boom in growth due to the worldwide economic recession. This meant that businesses, especially small business owners, had to think smarter when it came to implementing money-saving strategies.

This is where virtual assistants came into their own. Companies realised that they could save a lot of money by using the outsourcing services of third-party providers.

Small scale enterprises can find hard-working, motivated, honest virtual assistants through several different sources. These workers can be relied upon to carry out the work without any hand-holding.

To make your life easier, you can search the Internet for online job market platforms when looking for people who may be suitable for virtual assistance work. You may also want to try and get recommendations from friends or business associates.

It doesn’t matter where you find your candidates, be it the Internet or word of mouth recommendations; you must qualify all the applicants in a timely manner before you hire them.

8 Qualities For A Successful Virtual Assistant Relationship

1. Attitude

You must gauge the person’s willingness to become the best virtual assistant they can be by putting in maximum commitment to their job and working with your team. Be aware that the people you are dealing with are virtual world workers and are freelancers.

Being freelance workers will mean that they may have other clients as well as yourself. They may even be carrying out work for another VA company.

With this in mind, you will need to find out if they can use good time management to deal with your projects, even the small tasks, without the quality of work suffering.

2. Communication Skills

These skills are essential at all levels of business. You would be shocked at how many companies tend to overlook a person’s ability to communicate to a high standard.

It is certainly not just about how well a worker can write or how well they speak English. It is far more than this. Therefore, it is helpful if you can assess how well a candidate deals with client work in terms of both sides fully understanding what is required of them.

This is important when hiring people who work in remote locations around the world. A misunderstanding may occur due to cultural differences in the way a message is conveyed.

VA’s will work remotely, so it is important that the person you hire can use many different channels of communication. A good communicator is vital, as poor communication will only prove detrimental to your virtual assistant business.

3. Passion

It is important to converse with your candidates to find out their self-confidence. Also, find out what they are passionate about.

When you focus on them as individuals, it enables you to understand if they will be reliable and if they will align with your core business values.

Implementing the idea of making an effort to connect with your virtual assistants as individuals will see long-term gains for your company. You are your own boss; your responsibility is to accelerate the skill sets of your virtual assistants.

4. Competencies

To be able to complete any project, your team of candidates must be assessed to see how well they perform in both fundamental and technical matters of the job.

They must be able to use the Internet, send emails and display a basic knowledge of using certain software packages. These are called the fundamentals.

If you require a worker to manage your social media, you’ll hire a candidate who displays the right knowledge and ideas for social media management.

The candidate will have to work as a team and be able to carry out tasks assigned promptly and, for example, be pretty tech-savvy.

5. Attention to Details

Attention to detail is an expertise an excellent virtual assistant will excel at. You must give all qualifying candidates a test with certain instructions that they need to follow.

It’s paramount that all VAs can spot any mistakes that may prove costly to your business. A good understanding of how your organisation works with each client will help limit any mistakes.

A great virtual assistant will perform multiple tasks for multiple clients by producing quality work to help the organisation progress.

6. Willingness to Learn

A good virtual assistant will always be willing to learn. However, keep in mind that most VAs have been performing a particular task within the VA industry for years.

All good entrepreneurs are willing to learn, right? They must be able to adapt to new ways of working in a user-friendly way. So this is what we expect when hiring the ideal virtual assistant.

With experience, complex tasks, clients’ requests, and any task list jobs should become second nature to all high-performing virtual assistants.

7. Good Listener

Being a good listener may sound basic enough, but it is often overlooked in the world of business. Listening to each of the requirements of any given task will help your virtual assistant display that they can do their work without problems.

Excelling in the way you communicate is vital when carrying out work on multiple projects. It shows entrepreneurs that the VA has a good understanding of what they are supposed to implement.

8. Personality

Nobody wants a person who is going to be confrontational working for them, right? We all know the answer,, so with this in mind, it is important that your VA has the required qualities and people skills and technical ability.

If you implement the qualifying process correctly, then you will be able to eliminate any candidates who may cause a problem to yourself and your staff.

Excellent teamwork is vital in any working environment. Therefore, it is important to set boundaries that will lead to good working relationships.

Hire The Right Virtual Assistant Today.

These are just a few of the skills I feel you must consider before hiring a virtual assistant. You may have a few more in mind, and feel free to implement them if you believe these are necessary to forge a great working relationship.

It’s vital to get the best candidates for the job. So, don’t just go by their CV and online presence. Remember, you want to be able to have a hassle-free working relationship with your clients, so a good VA with top qualities and good communication is vitally important.

Attracting new clients, meeting a highly valued client, or taking a break is, of course, tricky to do. However, hiring a top-quality VA with all the skills you need doesn’t have to be complicated.

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Let us deal with all your hiring needs. We can either provide a fully trained VA from our talent pool or we’ll find the right person to match your needs.

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