Ask Me Anything 9 Questions for Your Real Estate Agent

Ready for one of the most significant decisions in your life? Yep – you’re about to buy or sell your own home. It’s a huge step and a massive investment, so you need to put it in the right hands.

The agents and virtual assistants you work with can make a big difference in your property investment in the real estate business. Competent real estate agents and real estate virtual assistants can make or break a sale. One thing to do when dipping into the real estate industry is to ask vital questions.

Whether buying or selling a home, you’ll need to make informed decisions to protect your investment. And to do that, you’ll need to be proactive. Before signing on with a real estate agency, ask these questions to know you’ve found an agent you can trust.

Before Signing On:

If you’re looking to partner with a real estate agent, get to know them first! And not just about their social media marketing or job description – but essential information, such as:

What experience do you have?

How successfully have they run their real estate businesses? How much management experience do they have? You don’t need to learn all their dollar-productive tasks or virtual assistant services, but you need to know how much experience they have in the real estate industry.

Check their reputation before you even meet your real estate agent. Please take note of their communication skills and confidence. Ask how long they’ve been in the real estate business and what sets them apart from the competition.

What were your last few local sales?

And also, can they give you references? Sales volume is all well and good, but if they are poor sales or underpriced, you don’t want to work with them. See specific sales results with complete listing details. You’ll be able to tell whether they’re lowballing you or pushing you too high.

How well do you know the local area?

That includes any local policies and regulations regarding property management. Do they know local government laws? Are they aware of the local market rates and performance? What about future development plans? If your prospective agent doesn’t have the correct information, they may not be a good choice.

Before Selling a Property:

Selling a home is an emotional choice, so you need to know that your agent and real estate virtual assistant is on top. Get a sense of how they’ll handle the sale with these questions.

Should I be selling now, and how is the local market doing?

Is the market value high right now, or will you get more value from your home by waiting a few months? Ask your agent about the most optimal time to sell your house to attract the best buyers. Sometimes the timing can be off, and you don’t get the offers you expect.

How do you plan to market my home?

Your real estate agent must have a comprehensive marketing plan involving social media management and other techniques. Can they create a listing video or portfolio to showcase your home’s best points? How will they style your house for potential buyers? If they give your home the proper exposure in the right ways, you can maximise the sale.

What are the costs involved?

A competent real estate agent will talk you through each step of the selling process, including any costs involved in selling your home. That includes legal, renovation, styling, marketing, and moving costs. There are also council fees and capital gains taxes.

Meanwhile, it would be best to inquire with your agent about their commission – whether it’s a flat rate or a percentage of a sale. Fortunately, this commission rate can incentivise your agent to sell the house for a higher cost.

Before Buying a Property:

If you are buying a home, you’ll want to know all the relevant information to make an informed decision. Don’t let someone scam you into paying more for less value.

Who owns the property, and why are they selling?

Understanding the seller’s motivations for putting their property up for sale can help you know the price and possibly negotiate for less. This is particularly viable if the owners are selling in a hurry!

Besides their reasons for selling, get to know the actual condition of the house. There may be underlying structural reasons for the sale, which you should be informed of before purchase, and this could influence both the price and your decision to buy.

What is the location like?

This ties in with how well your agent knows the local area. They should know what the neighbourhood is like – whether it’s busy or quiet, whether there are nearby commercial areas, whether there are redevelopment plans. Your agent should also tell you the general demographic, alongside any local trends.

Going closer to home, what are the neighbours like? Does the general environment suit your lifestyle? It would help if you visited the area, but your real estate agent should also keep you informed.

Are there similar properties on the market?

Asking this will let you compare prices and see the kind of prices you’d expect. You can then determine whether the selling price is realistic or if it indicates something is off. It also allows you to make a fair offer for the property.

Whether you’re buying, selling, or still undecided – asking the right questions to get the relevant information can give you more context. It’ll also provide insight into your real estate agent and their abilities. From there, you can make the best choices regarding your investment.

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