What Can a Real Estate Virtual Assistant Do?


A career as a real estate agent can be financially rewarding. One sale can easily justify months spent closing the deal. In Australia, the median property price is $623,000. If you sold residential dwelling at that price, your commission would be $12,460. But the process of selling property isn’t as easy as going from point A to point B. There are several points in between that make the process more complicated. Your best option is to hire a real estate Virtual Assistant who can clear out your path to making the sale.

Ask yourself, “How much time do I spend doing paperwork, answering calls and checking e-mail every day?” Your itinerary may be full but if most of the tasks you crossed out are administrative or supportive in nature, you are not functioning as a proprietor but as an employee of your own business.

If you are handling paperwork, answering calls and checking e-mail most of the time, then your value to your business can be equated to the contribution of an office assistant: $16 per hour. If you are putting in $16 worth of work per hour on your business, how can you expect to earn $12,460? Net of taxes and other expenses, it would probably take you more than 1 year to make that kind of money.

Australia has one of the highest property prices in the world. Real estate in Sydney is among the priciest in the world along with Moscow, Shanghai and New York. But that has not discouraged demand. People continue to look for available properties not just in key city states but in developing and gentrified areas in Australia.

The property market in Australia has conditions for establishing a lucrative career in real estate:


  • High Demand
  • Low Supply of Available Property
  • Low Cash Rate


But it has also made the industry very competitive. Real estate agents are pushing harder than ever to close a deal. If you want to stay ahead of the competition, hire the services of a real estate Virtual Assistant.

So what can a real estate Virtual Assistant do for your profession?


1. Free You Up of Non- Essential Tasks


Everything that does not contribute directly to your bottom- line or is not relevant to the core functions of your business are non- essential tasks. Paperwork, checking e-mails and taking phone calls are examples of non- essential tasks.

Don’t think checking e-mails take time? How often do you check your e-mail? Most people check theirs multiple times every day only to find their inbox is full of spam, irrelevant mail or worse, phishing expeditions.

How does it feel to take calls in the middle of an important meeting? Even if your phone is on silent mode, it can throw off your concentration.

Leave these non- essential tasks to your real estate Virtual Assistant. She can do a great job filtering e-mails, taking phone messages and attending to your paperwork.


2. Improve the Quality of Work


In addition to administrative work, the second area where a real estate Virtual Assistant can be of great value is marketing. This is an important activity that most agents overlook because it takes up so much time and requires effort.

But you can easily find a Virtual Assistant who has the necessary background in marketing. If she has experience in digital marketing, she can design a campaign for you that utilize social media, content marketing and ad placements.

She can write high quality content for your blogs and social media posts that are relevant, engaging and embedded with the right keywords. A real estate Virtual Assistant will have the time to focus on your marketing and ensure consistency of implementation and the quality of work.


3. Allow the Business to Run Smoothly


A third area where you would need a Virtual Assistant in your real estate business is back office operations which include accounting, human resources and IT.

Back office plays an important role in allowing your business to run smoothly. Your real estate VA can provide you with a weekly summary of disbursements to keep all expense accounts current. She can also prepare financial reports so you can keep track of the company’s earnings.

Of course, eventually you may need more people onboard your company. A Virtual Assistant with experience in hiring and training can manage the recruitment process.

If you have a website; and you should, having a VA with knowledge and experience in IT and web management is a big plus for your agency. Your website is the window to the Internet. If it crashes, people will not be able to access your services or learn about your business.


4. Help You Get Results


If you’re trying to land a big client, your presentation should be impressive. You want investors to be convinced that they should trust you with their money. Your presentation must be complete and comprehensive.

It must show charts, numbers and figures that are updated and accurate. Your graphics must be enticing. The entire presentation must be seamless, engaging and compelling enough for the client to take immediate action.

Virtual assistants are experts in preparing amazing PowerPoint slides. They are also proficient when it comes to conducting research. Being meticulous is an important quality for a VA. You can be assured that their data has been checked, verified and validated several times over.


5. Streamline Your Costs


There is no question that in order to free up your time, you must delegate. Outsourcing work to a Virtual Assistant is a cheaper option than hiring a full- time office assistant.

In the first place, you don’t have to pay a VA benefits. Virtual assistants are self- employed. They are responsible for covering their own benefits.

Second, you are not required to assign 8 hour shifts to your VA. As contracted remote workers, their work shift and number of work hours is up to you. Most clients only assign 4 hour work shifts to their virtual assistants, 5 days a week.

Third, you don’t incur additional expenses when hiring a VA. The Virtual Assistant as a proprietor of a virtual assistance business is responsible for her own costs of operations.

6. Let You Breathe


Finally, a real estate Virtual Assistant can let you breathe and relax. If you want to become productive, sometimes you have to ease up on the gas pedal and go on cruise control. Otherwise, you might burn out emotionally, mentally and physically. If you are not in a good state of heart and mind, you will not be in the best condition to run your business.

Once you hire a real estate Virtual Assistant, you can see immediate improvement in your level of productivity. You are no longer constrained by the non- essentials and are able to focus your energies to the main task at hand: closing the deal.

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