As a business owner, your company website is critical to present your organisation to the customers.

An excellent website is essential to attract and maintain repeat customers to your business. Therefore, a business website that is always up to date is vitally important to any small business that wishes to stay ahead of the competition at all times.

Hiring a virtual assistant website manager is an excellent way to ensure you always stay on top of content creation by producing engaging copy, which helps cost-effectively create a positive first impression.

This article provides a step-by-step guide to the essential things to consider before hiring the right virtual assistant for all your website requirements. 

What Is A Virtual Website Assistant Responsible For?

When you hire a virtual assistant to take charge of your company’s website, they must have excellent knowledge of building a content management system and extensive search engine optimization (SEO) and social media management skills.

The virtual assistant service provider you hire will be able to use software tools to get the most out of search engines to help with your website and digital marketing strategies. 

These tasks are time-consuming, so hiring a virtual website assistant is vital as it frees up time that allows your other staff to concentrate on their roles.

Hiring a virtual assistant website assistant is a cost-effective way of ensuring your website is continuously updated and has engaging content which appeals to your target audience and helps to attract potential clients.

When you hire remote workers to take charge of your business website, you entrust them with your brand name and reputation, so doing your due diligence before hiring is vital.

What Are The Advantages Of Virtual Assistant Services?

Hiring a virtual website assistant can help save time with routine tasks such as updating your website’s home page and adding new pages for lead generation. 

Virtual Assistant For Email ManagementNot only will it help save you time, but it will also prove cost-efficient and ensure that you attract more visitors to your website, which in the process, translates into paying clients.

Most businesses make the mistake of thinking they have to employ full-time salaried staff members to manage all their website needs, which can prove very costly.

Hiring virtual assistants to perform general admin tasks is a thing of the past, and an increasing number of businesses are turning to virtual assistant websites and remote workers to generate new content that appeals to every visitor.

A business can save tremendous money by hiring a virtual assistant because they don’t have to pay them a full-time wage and all the attached benefits.

An excellent website must be mobile-friendly, and a multi-skilled virtual assistant will have all the specialised skills needed to allow access to your site on any device, which means happy customers at all times.

Most Important VA Tasks To Consider

Graphic Design

Graphic design is essential to any successful website, so you must hire a virtual assistant services worker with an excellent design skill set.

Hiring a website assistant with extensive knowledge of how to use graphic design best can help the look of your website, and their skills can be used in other areas of your business, like creating flyers and promotional brochures.

Graphic design is also heavily used throughout social media to capture your target audience’s attention with the correct use of images. 

Having someone responsible for managing all your graphic tasks helps you, the business owner, to concentrate fully on the other high-level tasks geared towards your company’s specific needs. 

Written Content 

When content is written to a high standard and is up to date, it gives the customer confidence that they are dealing with a highly professional company.

Hiring a virtual website assistant who can produce high-quality written content for your website is invaluable. 

When you think about it, if a potential customer goes on your site and reads a poorly written blog, they won’t feel inclined to buy or sell a property with you.

On the flip side, a well-constructed blog on your website, which your virtual assistant has taken the time and effort to research and write, can lead to generating more sales.

The written word is still a powerful tool in all businesses and, when used correctly, can put your company ahead of other businesses in your industry.

Website Layout And Design

The layout and design of a company website are vital. For example, you could have people landing on your website but then being put off by the design and layout, and they click off.

The most significant bug for website users is the number of adverts they must navigate past to read the content.

You could have the best-written content on your website, but if countless adverts put users off, they won’t waste their time.

Technical Maintenance And Management

When you hire a virtual assistant to manage your website, they must also be skilled in technical maintenance.

Simple Strategic PlanA company website that is extremely slow is unsuitable for your business, as your customers will lose faith in your organisation.

Your virtual assistant must be knowledgeable and skilled in using your website’s latest plug-ins and firewalls to protect your company and users from cyber attacks.

It would be catastrophic for your business if your customer details were harvested during a cyber attack. Therefore, regular management and technical updates must be performed to protect your company and customers from such an attack. 

Post Regular Blog Content Updates

Updating the content on your website is essential to make it current and exciting to users. It is frustrating when you log on to a website and see the same dated blog each time.

Having an irrelevant outdated blog on your website will give the impression that your company hasn’t tried to engage with its customers.

Having a regular blog relevant to your target audience and giving updates and news on what is happening within your organisation is a crucial job of the virtual website assistant you hire.

An excellent content management system will help you engage with your customers, leading to repeat sales.

An excellently written blog can go a long way to making customers feel valued and a part of your organisation, leading them to recommend your product or services to others.

Let Us Take Care Of Hiring Virtual Assistants

Hiring the right virtual or executive assistant for your company can be time-consuming.

First, you must identify, then interview, hire, train and manage the right virtual assistant, a complex process fraught with potential pitfalls.

You can avoid all that stress by contacting our team of experts for a free consultation to learn about the cost-effective service we provide in sourcing the perfect VA for your business.

Let us manage all your retail assistance needs so that you can continue running your business and making money.


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