Key Data Entry Skills For A VA


Key Data Entry Skills For A VA


Business owners often overlook how vital data entry skills can be to the smooth running of their company. It can often be a costly oversight as a data entry specialist provides value for money.

A data entry job is often seen to be “entry-level.” With the data entry clerk responsibilities not being valued as highly as they should. Data entry is one of the most time-consuming tasks within any business and is fundamental to how smoothly a company runs.

Companies looking to employ a data entry specialist should only look for candidates with the required skills to do a data entry job.

Here’s what’s involved in the job of a virtual assistant.

Data Entry VA Responsibilities

1 – Data Accuracy

It is paramount that a data entry clerk can display accuracy in all areas of the data entry process. All their own data entry tasks must be correct. It is the responsibility of the virtual assistant to make sure that their data entry is up to standard.

Data entry virtual assistants should always double-check their data entry work as a matter of high importance. A data entry assistant, who transfers information, should take pride and sort data in the correct way.

2 – Corrective Actions

Data entry clerks are also responsible for looking for any mistakes they may have made when inputting the data. They may have added the same data twice. Therefore, checking the data conversion is vital.

The person may have other tasks to carry out, but one of the key skills of their job is making corrections to ensure accurate data at all times. Any mistake will always end up costing your company valuable time and money. Mistakes should be avoided at all costs if you want to maintain a healthy, successful business.

3 – Find Improvements

An excellent data entry virtual assistant and data entry specialists will always be looking to find ways to improve the data management systems to help them improve their data entry duties.

A self-motivated VA worker will realize that finding ways to improve all aspects of their job will help benefit themselves and the company. It is a win, win situation that suits the worker, the company, and the client.

When your VA worker is being proactive in helping to find improvements and implementing them, it will, in turn, help to improve your customer relationship management systems.

Let’s be honest here there is no company in the world that shouldn’t be striving to improve all aspects of its business. It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is, improvements can always be made to help drive more revenue and profits.

4 – Maintain confidentiality

We have all heard horror stories of companies worldwide misusing their clients’ data. Often this occurs through poor IT security or just poor everyday working practices, which end up in a data breach.

Client confidentiality must be at the forefront of the thoughts of a data entry clerk when carrying out any type of data entry job. Having excellent data collection skills and transcript data entry skills will help.

The last thing your company needs is customer dissatisfaction due to any client business documents being leaked from your company database. Data confidentiality mishaps would prove very problematic for your business.

There are often data breach fines and penalties issued to companies who are unable to protect the data of their customers. This could end up having catastrophic consequences for you as an individual and for the day-to-day running of your company as a whole.

Fat Entry VA Skills

1 – Trustworthiness

All data entry virtual assistants must be trustworthy. It may sound like a basic requirement, but when dealing with data entry services, this is a must. In all data entry jobs, a data entry virtual assistant could be dealing with sensitive and confidential information.

With this in mind, data entry clerks must be able to display that they can be trusted to work primarily with your client’s data.

Character references may be needed from previous employers to help you find out what type of characteristics your future worker may have. We are all human beings, but the last thing your company wants is to hire a data worker who doesn’t get on well with the rest of the time and is not trustworthy.

The person you decide to hire will be working on your own database and the data of valued customers. Therefore, it is very important that they don’t misuse that data in a way that could have a detrimental impact on your business.

It may be a good idea to do some research on the person before you hire them. This can be implemented by carrying out a Google search on them. You could also search their name to see if they are active on social media platforms. It often surprises managing directors how much information can be gained from a candidate’s Facebook, Snapchat, or Twitter presence.

A bit of common sense is all you need to quickly work out if the possible candidate is the type of person you want working for your company.

2 – Focus And Concentration

A data entry clerk will have to have a high standard of concentration to remain focused on the relevant information when they are processing data.

All data entry personnel must display these qualities when dealing with their data entry. It may sound a bit too obvious, but the seemingly obvious things are often the most important requirements.

Data entry services workers should be highly motivated in their role as virtual assistants. Inputting data into your database is the first point of their job, but dealing with clients is another aspect so having excellent communication skills and not losing focus is invaluable.

Sometimes it is easy to lose concentration when you are inputting data. It is up to your VA to make sure that their focus is always on their job during their working hours.

Sometimes sickness happens, we can not avoid this. However, it is important that your workers make every effort to return to work as possible following their absence due to sickness.

3 – Fast Typing Skills

A data entry virtual assistant will have excellent and fast typing skills when dealing with word processors. The data entry keyer will have a minimum typing speed of 40 words per minute, but a fast typing speed of 50-60 WPM is a big advantage.

It goes without saying that the faster a worker can type, the more work they will be able to undertake during any given timescale.

As data entry clerks or a data entry virtual assistant will be word processing and entering data, then at least a basic knowledge of database structure is required.

Dealing with your company’s computer hardware and database may take time to get used to, so having fast typing skills will limit the time wasted.

4 – Broad IT Skills

All data entry jobs require the data entry virtual assistant to have a broad skill set when it comes to working with computer software such as MS Excel. Being able to deal with only one format will be seen as a disadvantage.

Basic software knowledge will only get you so far when you enter data. You may be required to work with touch screen hardware. Therefore a wide set of information technology skills will be key to anyone who ends up working for your company.

A data entry expert will have more than basic software skills. Having a broad IT skill set will allow the data entry virtual assistant to carry out their job to a high standard. If they can do the job well, without any assistance or hand-holding from management, it will save time and money and help create a good working relationship.

The information processing software IQ of data entry clerks will be broad, which will help your company run more efficiently when it comes to your database software and data processing needs.

5 – Personal Skills

It is not all about having excellent technical skills, however important they are; it is also about who the worker is as an individual. This is where personal skills really come into play.

Every data entry virtual assistant must display the key skills needed for their job as well as have outstanding personal skills, which are often not set out in their job title. For example, if a VA is able to get on well with other members of staff, then they will be able to deal with your clients well.

Being polite and well-mannered when speaking to clients via email, phone calls, or Skype is an absolute must for any VA worker. You do not want your VA being all moody and sullen when they are dealing with the people who bring money to your business. A professional but approachable and likable manner will always be the best approach.

Your hired VA may need to conduct quality management market research for your business partners. This will require excellent time management and communication skills, which are required when dealing with any marketing intelligence processes.

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