Hiring A Dedicated Virtual Assistant For Social Media Tasks


Hiring A Dedicated Virtual Assistant For Social Media Tasks

Building a solid social media presence is essential to driving your business forward. The aim is to create a brand people recognise and trust.

However, building the right brand image through social media can be time-consuming and requires knowledge and skill to appeal to your target audience.

A business hires a qualified accountant to look after their company accounts; the same approach is needed regarding your social media marketing strategy.

Many businesses see the value in hiring a virtual social media assistant to manage their company’s social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Let’s start with some basics.

What Is A Social Media Virtual Assistant?

Most businesses have someone who looks after their social media. Social media virtual assistants work remotely and are not based in your office.

When you hire a virtual assistant for social media, they are responsible for all social media management and tasks. These tasks usually are time-consuming; hiring someone to look after your social media platforms allows you to focus your time on the core areas of your business.

Ultimately, this will make you more dollar productive.

Typical Social Media Tasks

A social media virtual assistant or social media manager will be responsible for creating social media profiles on platforms that are the most impactful ones in your industry. They will also have to produce engaging content and images that appeal to your target market across your social media channels.

Creating exciting social media campaigns and interacting with your audience is paramount to ensuring you attract new business revenue and build a trustworthy brand.

Social media marketing and managing multiple social media accounts is not a simple task, so it is best to hire a VA who is skilled in this area.

Ignoring social media will only harm your business, so hiring a skilled professional is best.

How Do You Benefit By Hiring A Social Media Virtual Assistant?

There are many advantages to hiring a social media virtual assistant for your business. The key benefits are as follows:

A Virtual Assistant Will Make Your Business Run More Effectively

For example, a business owner does not want to spend time dealing with social media tasks when they should be working on important core business tasks.

It is surprising how time heavy each social media task can be. Hiring a VA to look after your social media business needs, such as your social media channel, marketing, and creating a social media campaign, will save you a lot of time.

The virtual assistant can also look after scheduling posts, reply to comments, research hashtags and optimise Facebook posts.

Save Costs On Hiring And Training

Employing social media managers proves costly when considering the training and salary involved. On the other hand, hiring a remote worker to look after your social media posts, digital marketing, and creating relevant content costs less because you only pay them hourly for their tasks.

Many business owners, especially those who run small businesses, will see the benefit of hiring a virtual assistant. Hiring makes perfect sense regarding efficiency and saving money on training costs.


Finding The Right VA

This is why they often hire a social media virtual assistant, SMVA. But how do you find the right person for the job? You can either hire independently or through an agency.

Hiring A Freelance SMVA

Some companies try to find and hire remote workers. However, this is not advisable unless you have experience in hiring.

Hiring an SMVA can be a minefield as many individuals claim to have the skills you seek, but in practice, they don’t.

Hiring this way can take you away from the main focus of your business. You will often have to look for new workers after a short period if the new hire doesn;t work out as you expected.

Hiring An SMVA Through An Agency:

When you hire using virtual assistant services or agencies, all the stress of finding the right person, engaging them, and training them is done by the agency.

The agency will have a wide pool of talented people to choose from who are all vetted to ensure they have the skills required.

The agency will also offer full support to deal with any issues. Some agencies also provide a backup service to deal with any staff sickness or if you require more hours.

Managing Your Social Media Virtual Assistant

Small businesses like to know they are getting the most from their staff and high productivity levels. This will also apply to social media virtual assistants. Just because the virtual assistant is not a full-time employee does not mean they are not being judged on time spent doing important tasks.

Most business owners will know it is vital to communicate clearly with the VA and monitor their productivity. In addition, when the worker is responsible for all the social media content on your social platforms, they must post relevant content at the right time.

Creating poor content that takes ages to upload to your social channels or your company website will fail to drive website traffic. And that’s why managing your VA becomes so important in the early stages.

How Do You Make Sure Your Va Is Being Productive?

Thankfully, loads of remote communication tools can help your VA stay productive. In addition, your VA being in a different time zone should not mean they can’t engage with you during office hours.

Virtual assistants use messaging software like Slack, which allows you to share files and video calls. Skype and Zoom are also widely used for video conference calls.

There are also employee monitoring tools such as Time Doctor, which allow you to monitor what work your virtual assistants are doing.

You don’t want your virtual assistants to waste time when you pay them an hourly rate, so make sure you take advantage of all the available tools.

Let Us Take Care Of Your VA Hiring

As you can see, it doesn’t matter if you are a small business or a large global company, hiring virtual assistants to look after your social media is the way forward. Creating the right social media profile for your business is critical; therefore, hire a social media VA to look after your various social channels, implement the right content strategy, and strategize campaigns.

The time you save will help you focus on the bigger picture, the core business activities that help you gain more clients.

If this is a process that you don’t have significant experience in, then let our team help you out. We have extensive experience in finding, interviewing, hiring, training, and managing VAs, and that means you can save a lot of time, effort, and money.

Contact us today and find out how quickly you can have all the help you need from a dedicated social media VA.

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