What Is Your Ideal Client Profile, And Why Does It Matter?


Ideal Client Profile

All businesses should seek to match the product or service with the right ideal client.

Having an ideal client profile is a must for any business as it shows what it takes to create the best relationship for a repeat customer. To be able to gain this type of client, you will have to target the right audience with a clear understanding of what your ideal client is.

Every time you implement marketing strategies for the product or service you provide, it must be with your target audience in mind.

Existing clients can also help you build your ideal client base. However, always remember that each client is different and has slightly different needs.

Building a customer profile should always reflect your customer’s needs and potential clients.

Let’s take a closer look.

Why Do You Need To Know Your Client Profile?

If a business wants to generate income through sales, they need to understand the ideal client profile. In addition, time is money in any business, so targeting the right areas in your customer acquisition cost strategy is vital.

Building the right customer profile will help your entire company grow through revenue generated by the sales team.

Using actual data from your current client database based on their behavioural data can help when trying to increase and attract more of these ideal customers.

It is essential not to go too narrow when building the ideal customer profile. The perfect audience your marketing team must be targeting should be the right person who will understand what they want.

Each person attracted to the product or services your company provides has different purchasing decisions. This will be based on personal preferences, money, and how they are treated as individual buyers.

Marketing is vital, but the costs must be spent wisely. There is little point in not following the essential data points in an online marketing drive.

Any business’s ideal client profile should be based on precise data from current customer surveys, buyer personas, and demographic data.

Account-based marketing is also an excellent way to keep a good healthy relationship with your existing customers.

How Do You Define Your Customer Profile?

Below are five steps you must follow to help your business grow.

Step 1: Figure Out Your Core Business Purpose

Every business must have a core purpose. Business owners often have a passion in life that is turned into a business.

For example, that passion may well be a love of cars. If you have a genuine love and excellent knowledge of something, it will only help you in your business.

So it could be selling cars, hiring out cars, or even fixing them. And some people might decide to provide all three within one business.

The purpose may be to become the best automotive company in your area. One that provides the best car hire service, the best repairs, and sells the customer high-quality used cars at a lower price than your competitors.

Businesses are set up to make money, but if you don’t display a real passion and there is no real need for your product or service, you will struggle.

Businesses that look to make a quick buck at all costs will not find their ideal client. They will also not last too long because the customers they attract won’t be happy with their level of service.

Make your business stand out from your competitors by reaching out to target customers with clear marketing messages. Your ideal customer will bring repeat revenue to your company.

For example, your business may offer free transport for customers who cannot pick their car up following a repair. Again, this displays that you value your customer throughout the sales process.

It will cost your company money to provide the free service, but it is a good way of keeping your customers happy. People tend to enjoy free stuff, whatever it is.

You must stay true to your purpose and values as a company. Give a clear picture that you are a business and that common traits make the customer feel valued.

This is often the biggest challenge to keep up when other factors, such as staff shortages, come into play. However, your clients will see that as the decision-maker of your business, you still provided the services you promised despite the challenges.

As the business owner, your annual revenue is essential, but so is creating a sustainable company that can keep hold of its ideal clients.

Step 2: Understand Your Client’s Real Needs

To enable you to create an ideal company, you must know the needs of your target market – your customers.

If your customer profile shows that your client requires a particular type of car or always hires a car to go on their summer holidays, you need to find a solution that suits that specific customer.

If a customer likes to have their car serviced on a Saturday morning due to work commitments, try your best to accommodate that need. This helps when creating a solid relationship with all your clients as individuals.

Creating customer profiles helps your business get to know your clients’ needs. This can be done by running marketing campaigns that target a broad audience and your current customers.

Step 3: Define Your Client Profile

Customer profiling is often used within a business as a marketing tool to help the company understand the needs of its customers. When a company fully understands its customers’ needs and wants, the business owner can make better decisions based on the profile.

The data collected from customer profiling can help your business effectively serve the needs of current and potential clients.

What Are The Key Demographics?

When it comes to modifying your key demographics that make up customer profiles, you must factor in many key areas. Some of the critical things you need to include are gender, age, occupation, where they live, and how they learned about your business.

To keep your customer profiles up to date, you will need to carry out client interviews regularly. And don’t rely on a free client profile template you find online, as you have to create one tailored to your company.

Find Out Your Best Client’s Purchasing Behaviour

Building a profile template for your customers must include a to-do list of their buying habits. Lead generation remains a key in all businesses. So the more information you can gain on your client’s buyer personas and purchasing habits, the better.

You will need to find three key factors: How much the customer spends on each purchase? What payment method do they always use? How many times per year does the customer use your service or purchase your product?.

What Benefits Are Your Customers Seeking?


Once you know who your customers are and what their buying patterns are, you need to figure out exactly what key benefits they see in your company. It could be the price or a few simple add-ons that you offer.

The best way to find out is to ask your repeat customers if they’d be happy to share that information with you.

Step 4: What Are Your Competitors Doing?

Every business has pain points and areas for improvement. External attributes often account for pain points within a company. It is usually very beneficial to look at what your competitors are doing in their business to find ways to improve yours.

The Internet and online forums are a good way of checking competitor reviews. Competitor reviews, depending on how up-to-date they are, are an excellent way to create ideas and data that will help your organisation to target new prospective customers.

There may be a valid reason why a customer decided to choose a competitor rather than continue using your services. Gaining information on a competitor should be seen as another way to generate new leads that turn into sales.

Analysing your competitors will help you get the suitable customer profiles you need, and it will help you get the relevant customer profiles you need. For example, the competition may have bad reviews for some service options. This means you can improve these areas and market them directly to attract new customers.

A good way of finding out what your competitors are doing is to see if they write an engaging blog post; if they do, then make sure this is an area that you target with better information when performing social media tasks.

Step 5: Set Up Your Business Process To Satisfy The Client Profile

All businesses rely on the happiness of their ideal clients to be successful. It sounds pretty obvious, but many owners forget client satisfaction over hard cold cash.

If your clients are satisfied and happy, they will bring repeat custom to your company along with organic referrals. Therefore, you must stay updated with all the latest technology and advancements within your industry sector.

This also includes ensuring that your customer profile is always up to date. Do not assume that your profile template for your client profiles is helping to generate sales.

It may be that over time your ideal client profiles need to change slightly. For example, you may need to create new client profiles which help reflect recent trends within your service sector.

When you create a new customer profile, it is essential to conduct a complete evaluation of all their needs. Your business must meet the recent trends you are seeing without disregarding the key elements that helped to make up your ideal client profiles in the first place.

Start Building Your Support Team Today

Once you have gone through the exercise of identifying your customer profile and what exactly their pain points are that you want to better target, it’s time to hire some support to help out with these tasks.

The best way to achieve this extra support without disrupting your other business needs is by hiring a virtual assistant. You’ll have the advantage of being able to hand over key tasks that might be very time consuming but provide great benefits to your ideal client profile.

And it will cost you a fraction of hiring in-house staff.

If this is the first time hiring a VA, then why not let our team take care of this process. We have a great pool of talented VAs that could be ready to take on more of your admin work in a matter of days.

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