8 Virtual Assistant Duties And Responsibilities Every Business Should Consider


8 Virtual Assistant Duties And Responsibilities Every Business Should Consider


The duties of the virtual assistant consist of organising data, carrying out research, and dealing with customers, along with many other admin tasks.

Virtual assistants will also need to perform clerical duties such as answering phone calls, dealing with customer spreadsheets, sorting documents, updating calendars, and offering administrative support.

The difficulty many business owners have is clearly identifying these responsibilities and duties. In many cases, they completely miss many opportunities to hand over more work to an administrative assistant.

Let me show you some key things to focus on.

Key VA Duties And Responsibilities

1 – Manage And Maintain Calendars

One of the primary jobs of a virtual assistant is to manage and maintain the business calendar. As well as having general administrative virtual assistant skills the worker will also need good organisational skills to be able to run the day-to-day calendar/diary of an entrepreneur.

The VA will be responsible for dealing with emails and scheduling appointments for the business owner.

They will also need to organise meetings with people from inside and outside the company, and that will require excellent interpersonal skills and exceptional time management abilities.

2 – Create Presentations And Documents

Part of the virtual assistant job description will be to create presentations and documents. Therefore, the VA will require a high level of written communication skills, verbal communication, and computer skills.

An experienced virtual assistant will be tech-savvy, which allows them to produce high-quality work for any needed business presentations.

The VA will need to do all the data entry and statistical research and conduct online research to ensure that all presentations run smoothly.

Performing to a high level in presentations is essential for virtual assistant requirements.

3 – Gather And Organise Data For Statistical Analysis

Dealing with data is one of the main administrative tasks of a virtual assistant. The VA will need to compile data from different sources, such as online company records and registers.

The data gathered will then be organised so that the company’s directors and managers can statistically analyse it.

Like various other administrative tasks, gathering and organising data requires the virtual assistant to carry out this work with minimum supervision.

The VA must deliver high-quality work that is always accurate; this is especially important when dealing with data entry. If the data is incorrect, the statistical analysis will also be wrong.

4 – Document Filing, Scanning, And Copying

VAs are a great way to handle administrative projects that include document filing, scanning, and copying. Even if they work in a busy environment, that requires them to deal with emails and phone calls, but this should not distract from their other virtual assistant responsibilities.

Document filling may be seen as a mundane task, but it is a vital part of the VA skills.

Excellent organisational skills will always be part of the virtual assistant job description. For example, when a VA organises essential business documents correctly it will help when dealing with any administrative queries.

5 – Manage Social Media

It may be part of a virtual assistant job description to manage the company’s online presence, including social media management.

The company may have various social media accounts, which all need to be kept up-to-date. Having the required skills to work on different social media platforms is vital in most modern businesses.

The VA will need to be skilled in using different software programs and have the relevant role familiarity to deal with social media.

How a business presents itself through social media is vital in generating additional revenue and delivering the right image for the company.

6 – Manage Office Logistics

Managing office logistics is vital to any business. The VA can play a crucial role in office logistics as they can be the ones who are responsible for scheduling, staffing levels, transportation, and travel arrangements.

This can also include keeping track of office supplies to ensure that critical items don’t run low and regular orders are placed to ensure a smooth running of the whole office environment.

It must be evident in the virtual assistant job description what logistical management skills are required of the VA. Knowing their role correctly will help to ensure there is no confusion around their responsibilities.

7 – Handle Bookkeeping

Keeping online records of salary data and business accounts is a clever way for a business to free up time spent on bookkeeping.

If the virtual assistant position includes bookkeeping, it will require the VA to record payments from customers and all office and operational bills, such as subscriptions to any software packages, cloud services, and other office equipment.

Good bookkeeping makes it easier for your company accountants to manage your financial accounts.

8 – Support Lead Generation

A VA can help support lead generation, enabling you to gain more customers and maintain a healthy relationship with existing clients.

The VA is not just there to answer phone calls. The right professional development opportunities can generate new business for your company.

Creating an excel database of businesses in your area that may benefit from your product or service is the first action point. Then they would email these businesses and conduct market research into what they may require from your service.

It is also important to send emails or make phone calls to your current customers to see if they are satisfied with your company’s level of service or product.

Gaining more knowledge about your customers is essential if you want your company to thrive.

Let Us Help You Set Duties And Responsibilities

Hiring a virtual or executive assistant can help your company run more smoothly and efficiently.

However, you must use a suitable assistant job description template to attract the right applicant to the role. There is little point in advertising for a VA if you only attract people with limited experience using essential word processing software and no experience to handle administrative projects.

If you have little experience creating a virtual assistant job description, then it’s better to outsource this process. We can help you identify the proper duties and responsibilities you need to focus on and then deal with the entire hiring, training, and managing process. .

Give us a call today, and we can get started on helping you attract and hire a suitable VA for your company.

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