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6 Books About Real Estate You Should Read

It feels tedious sometimes, but reading is an integral part of your career as a real estate agent. You discover new resources, keep yourself updated on information, and learn new things. Journals and articles are excellent sources, but if you’re able, make time for a book or two as well. There are a variety of …

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7 Little Changes That’ll Make a Big Difference with Your Real Estate Agency

Real estate is a crowded market, and it can feel impossible to stand out and grow your agency beyond where you stand. But how your agency develops and flourishes is up to you, especially if you put in the effort – in the little things as well. You’ll want to keep these tips in mind …

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3 Steps to Developing a Successful Real Estate Business

It’s a question everyone in the business asks – how to be successful at real estate? There’s no simple answer, but there are ways to help yourself achieve that success. There’s the usual need for creativity and perspective to set yourself apart. But if everyone’s already doing that, how do you go above and beyond? …

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5 Killer Quora Answers on Real Estate

The internet is a hotbed of information and with good reason. It’s so easy these days to open a browser on your phone or your computer and just Google the answer to any question you have in mind. This applies to many topics – food, travel, literature… and real estate! There are plenty of resource …

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Warning Signs You Need To Hire A Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Warning Signs You Need To Hire A Real Estate Virtual Assistant     You don’t have unlimited time to spare. You won’t be able to do everything on your own. You know, all the small things like double-checking information over the email or phone and keeping track of all your documentation. Even though you may …

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How Remote Work Is Changing Tech Salaries

How Remote Work Is Changing Tech Salaries   It was only a matter of time before technology allowed us to skip the commute and work from home, but the change happened quicker than expected due to COVID-19. It is pretty impressive how quickly companies abandoned the office with little disruption to productivity. For many, the …

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Why Real Estate Agents Prefer To Outsource

Why Real Estate Agents Prefer to Outsource   Rising prices of property in combination with consistently high demand from investors have established profitable conditions for real estate agents. However, increased competition and improved technology have pushed the agent to work harder than ever before to close deals. It is a conundrum that places the agent …

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How A VA Can Help Real Estate Agents Negotiate Short Sales

How a VA Can Help Real Estate Agents Negotiate Short Sales   Foreclosures are a harsh reality in real estate. Every day homeowners are faced with the possibility of losing their property. It is a dreaded situation that no one hopes to experience. An option to consider is a short sale. In order to facilitate …

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6 Things to Know Before Outsourcing to a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

6 Things to Know Before Outsourcing to a Real Estate Virtual Assistant There is no doubt that outsourcing to a real estate Virtual Assistant will reap a multitude of benefits for your agency. It is a low cost, sustainable option that will contribute to your productivity, enhance the quality of work and provide your business …

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Where To Find The Most Affordable Real Estate Virtual Assistants

Where to Find the Most Affordable Real Estate Virtual Assistants Hiring virtual assistants present several benefits to real estate agents. The level of work productivity increases because the agent is able to delegate a good number of administrative tasks to the Virtual Assistant. Quality of work also improves because the VA has the time and …

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Comparison Between InHouse And Outsourcing Real Estate Management

Comparison Between In-House or Outsourcing Real Estate Management   Managing a real estate agency can be a handful. There are many tasks, duties and responsibilities that need to be attended to on a daily basis. But considering the competitiveness of the industry, real estate agencies have to be more aggressive in their efforts to reel …

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What Can A Real Estate Virtual Assistant Do?

What Can a Real Estate Virtual Assistant Do?   A career as a real estate agent can be financially rewarding. One sale can easily justify months spent closing the deal. In Australia, the median property price is $623,000. If you sold residential dwelling at that price, your commission would be $12,460. But the process of …

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How Real Estate VA’s Can Boost Your Business

How Real Estate VA’s Can Boost Your Business   Real estate VA’s or virtual assistants can do more than just assist you in administrative tasks. Properly managed, they can be a significant factor in cultivating success for your agency. Here are 9 ways real estate VA’s can boost your business:   Manage Costs   Cost …

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20 Tasks You Can Outsource To Your Real Estate Virtual Assistant

20 Tasks You Can Outsource To Your Real Estate Virtual Assistant   As an entrepreneur, independence is an admirable virtue to have. It gives you the mindset to take responsibility for all decisions you have to make. But it can also hinder your progress. This is especially true if you are in the real estate …

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Outsourcing For Real Estate Agents Solutions

Outsourcing for Real Estate Agents Solutions   As entrepreneurs, real estate agents are used to managing tasks on their own. It is part of the process of building the business from the bottom up. This arrangement is perfectly fine when starting out. But when you begin to gain traction and work gets busier, those tasks …

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6 Reasons To Outsource Real Estate Management

6 Reasons To Outsource Real Estate Management Given the amount of work that needs to get done in a real estate agency, ideally you want a low cost solution that also contributes to revenue generation. It may seem like a version of real estate utopia, but the truth is such solution exists in outsourcing. Here …

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How To Hire A Good Real Estate Virtual Assistant

How To Hire A Good Real Estate Virtual Assistant The real estate process can be very tedious which leads to a number of interesting days in the life of an agent. With so many things to attend to, it can be a challenge to put order amidst chaos in an agent’s typical working day. In …

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How To Become A Real Estate Virtual Assistant

How to Become a Real Estate Virtual Assistant In the old days of dial- up Internet service, virtual assistants were hired primarily to manage administrative functions. They were considered more as secretaries or personal assistants. But in the new millennium, broadband technology made the Internet more accessible and created niches in the virtual assistance industry …

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What Is A Real Estate Virtual Assistant?

What Is A Real Estate Virtual Assistant?   A day in the life of a real estate agent can be quite hectic. Aside from client meetings, property negotiations and site visits, there are the usual administrative tasks to be done. A popular saying in the real estate agency business is that if you’re pushing pencils, …

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Why Outsourcing Services to Virtual Assistants is a Good Business Strategy

More businesses around the world are outsourcing services to virtual assistants. From small- scale businesses to Fortune 500 companies, many have discovered and acknowledged why contracting virtual assistants is a good business strategy.

Virtual assistants are Internet- based professionals who are contracted to handle a specific task or set of responsibilities. They work from a remote location; usually from home and are generally considered self-employed or proprietors of a business that offers virtual assistance services.

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6 Key Advantages of Outsourcing for Your Business

Over the last 15 years, outsourcing has grown to become an important component in business development strategy. What was once viewed as a stop- gap measure to address cost reduction has evolved into a process that can actively contribute to revenue generation.

The exponential growth of outsourcing corresponds with increasing turbulence in the global economy. Political regimes are changing; new foreign policies are being enacted and economies are re-aligning their resources.

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How to Manage Remote Staff and Get the Best Results

There is a growing trend among companies to integrate a remote staff member within their work force. In 2011, Yahoo! CEO Marissa Meyer introduced a remote worker plan where 10% of staff worked from home. A few years later Meyer increased the distribution to 15%.

While Meyer chose not to maintain the program, other companies such as United Health Group, AETNA, IBM, AMEX and Xerox started their own remote worker programs.

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Why Your Agency Needs A Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Contracting the services of a real estate virtual assistant can help with those non dollar productive tasks. From taking and making calls, preparing contracts, updating lists, arranging inspections and marketing.

If you can’t manage time efficiently, your productivity will suffer and ultimately affect your agency’s profitability.

There is an option that will enable you to exponentially increase your productivity.

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How to Find and Qualify the Best Virtual Assistant for Your Business

The Virtual Assistant was once the best kept secret of successful entrepreneurs. However once Tim Ferris, Michael Hyatt and James Schramko shared how their online employees allowed them to grow their businesses, others wanted to experience the same successes as well.

But as with most professions, not every candidate who signs up can get the job done.

Increasing demand for virtual assistance work has blown open the doors of opportunity for those who want to cross over to the online profession.

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7 Reasons Why You Should Outsource to Philippines

If you want to maximize the benefits of outsourcing, you may want to outsource to Philippines. It has been the primary destination for global outsourcing since 2013 and its industry continues to grow at an annual rate of 20%. If you want to know “why”, here are 7 reasons you should outsource to the Philippines:

High Literacy Rate – At 98%, the Philippines has one of the highest literacy rates in the world. This is quite an achievement considering the Philippines is essentially a developing economy.

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