Where to Find the Most Affordable Real Estate Virtual Assistants

Hiring virtual assistants present several benefits to real estate agents. The level of work productivity increases because the agent is able to delegate a good number of administrative tasks to the Virtual Assistant. Quality of work also improves because the VA has the time and expertise to manage the task according to standard. But the number one reason agents hire virtual assistants is to reduce the costs. Hiring VA’s can reduce manpower costs by 40%. But would you believe you can still find more affordable real estate virtual assistants?

Before they became virtual assistants, many started their careers holding down a regular 9-to-5 job in the brick- and- mortar world. Eventually they come to a realization that the office grind is not for them. The common thread among virtual assistants is that they believe compensation should equate to the level of productivity. In a way, a basic salary devalues office-based workers because even those who are less productive are paid the same amount as the most productive ones.

As virtual assistants, they are able to have a measure of financial independence. They can accept as many clients as they want and adjust their rate as the level of experience grows. In time, they are able to surpass the earnings they made as a regular employee.

But that is not to say they are expensive! Quite the contrary, because they can sign up as many clients as they want, they can distribute costs and charge lower rates because the volume of business will more than make up for any downward adjustment in fees.

Secondly, the industry has become competitive given the high demand for virtual assistance services. More people are crossing over from the brick- and- mortar world to the virtual world but they cannot afford to price themselves out of the market. If they are starting out, their number one priority is to land the first client.

So where can you find the most affordable real estate virtual assistants? As proprietors of a trade that functions in the virtual world, the first place you should look is the Internet. But there are other avenues you can use to find the most affordable real estate virtual assistants.

1. Online Virtual Assistance Agencies


Over the last decade more virtual assistance agencies have set up shop on the Internet. This is in response to the increasing demand for remote workers. More and more businesses; small scale and large companies, have been outsourcing services to third party providers such as virtual assistants.

These agencies have amassed a good number of experienced virtual assistants from different fields of expertise in their roster of talent. Many of these agencies have been quite successful and have built a large portfolio of clientele.

This allows them to be more flexible with their rates and generous with the add-on benefits. You can find agencies that charge $7 per hour for virtual assistance services.

The VA’s come with references and recommendations. If the arrangement does not work out for some reason, the VA can be replaced without additional cost.


2. Online Job Communities


You also have other sources of affordable real estate virtual assistants on the Internet. These are the online job communities that function like a market place because they match potential clients with prospective virtual assistants.

These online job communities primarily attract individual contract workers or freelancers. Unlike agency- based virtual assistants, freelancers manage their business full- time. They are likewise constantly networking and looking for clients to sign up.

Freelancers come from different regions of the world. For example, according to Upwork, 1/8th of their freelancers come from the Philippines. This is a strong selling point for online job communities because remote workers from developing countries like the Philippines charge much less than their counterparts in developed countries.

You can find Filipino virtual assistants offering their services for as low as $3.50 per hour. And there is no compromise in the level of service and quality of deliverables.

Filipinos are among the most reliable, professional and dedicated virtual assistants you can find. That is one reason why the Philippines remains one of the top outsourcing destinations in the world.

Among the online job communities you may wish to consider to find affordable real estate virtual assistants are as follows:


3. Social Media


Not all social media platforms function alike. There are networks that perform better than others in finding affordable talent. One of the best is LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is the preferred social media platform of professionals wishing to make a connection in their industry. If you subscribe to LinkedIn’s premium service, you can set the search parameters for the people you wish to connect with.

There are many virtual assistants who have signed up for LinkedIn. You can fine tune your search so you can earmark candidates who fit your needs and budget.

LinkedIn also has focus or special interest groups that cater to your industry or specific needs. Once you join these focus groups, you can start a discussion such as “Where can I find affordable but great quality real estate virtual assistants?” You can be sure to attract comments and suggestions from forum members.

Another option is to simply post your need to your community. It may not attract as much interest as a focus group, but you can at the very least, expand your scope using this approach.


4. Traditional Networking


Of course you can always go old school and do some leg work. Check for schedules of networking events that you can attend. These events can be job fairs, trade shows and business conventions that bring together people from different places interested in landing a business engagement.

You might meet an agency owner who can connect you to virtual assistants from the Philippines or India. Always bring calling cards with you and do not forget to ask your acquaintances for their contact information.

You can also identify specific people in your network who have worked with virtual assistants for their recommendations.

Although pricing does not equate to quality, you should never let your guard down and get complacent with your hiring process. Invite all candidates for the real estate virtual assistant position to an interview, subject them to practical tests and conduct thorough due diligence.

Finding the most affordable real estate virtual assistants is not as hard as you think. The challenge is to make sure they qualify and fit the needs of your business.

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