7 Actions That Will Make a Big Difference with Your Real Estate Business

The most successful real estate agents win clients over with their professional communication skills, image, and work ethic. They also use the resources at their disposal to the fullest. It’s not easy to stand out in such a crowded market, but you need to put in the work if you want to succeed.

You can take several actions that will make a big difference in your real estate business, from honing communication skills to updating your website to hiring a virtual assistant.

1. Hone your communication skills

Good communication skills are necessary for any business, especially in the real estate industry. It’s part of the job description to engage with clients effectively, and nobody wants to work with someone who doesn’t listen and respond in turn.

It’s essential to focus not just on dollar-productive tasks, but on aspects that have a more abstract impact on your real estate business. As a real estate agent or real estate virtual assistant, effective client communication can work wonders for increasing your gains.

Building open lines of communication foster trust with your clients and shows that you’re worthy of handling their property investment. It makes them more likely to recommend you to friends and acquaintances since you left a good impression. You’ll also likely get better deals because of your enthusiastic engagement.

2. Ensure a professional image

You never get a second chance at a first impression, so make sure you present well at all times. Maintaining a clean and professional appearance is crucial to your success. It doesn’t matter if you’re a real estate agent or a virtual assistant – to do good, you should also look good.

Dress neatly and tidily, from your hair to your accessories. Maintain eye contact and positive body language in face-to-face meetings. Ensure the copywriting on your website is up to standard. And when you speak, be articulate and courteous.

It’s also essential to keep your internet presence professional, as this could impact the way potential and actual clients perceive you.

3. Narrow your market focus

If you try to cover too broad a market, you’ll only end up with wasted effort as you spread yourself too thin. You only have so many resources and so much time to afford your work. Instead, find a niche market and focus your efforts on building your business around it.

Take steps to become an expert on that niche to answer people’s questions effectively. Build your elevator pitches, so they directly address relevant pain points. Analyse the opportunities and risks involved and where things are heading in the short and long term. All of these will make you a more efficient real estate agent or virtual assistant.

4. Invest in your office

If you have a physical office that clients visit, it’s worth investing in the interior decor and structure. It positively impacts how your clients perceive you and extends your image and presentation. No matter how put-together you may appear, if your office is not similarly up to scratch, you could end up losing clients.

Have a designated space for meeting clients, and keep it clean and well-appointed. Choose an aesthetic and have your interior decor align with it. Minimalist and straightforward is always a good choice – you want clients to focus on your services, not your wallpaper.

5. Update your website

Your website creates their first impression of you for many people – and you want it to be a good one. If you have a messy website design or if your information is outdated, you’ll end up losing potential clients. You want people to navigate your site intuitively and find all the information they need within a few clicks.

Make sure your website is updated and responsive, including making it mobile-friendly. It should target relevant SEO keywords without over-optimising and sounding unnatural. And have a clean layout that’s pleasant to look at, so people are encouraged to stay and browse.

6. Heighten your social media presence

More and more people are active on social media and often use these platforms to interact with service providers. As a real estate agent, neglecting your social media management could hinder your business productivity.

One good way to utilise your social media is by posting new or relevant information for your target audience. Talk about rent increases over the past few years or real estate investment opportunities. Discuss the benefits of property management. Your audience will appreciate your efforts to keep them informed and transparent about the real estate industry.

Beyond that, you can also use social media to show your more personable side. Have a separate, personal social media platform where you can post snippets of your life. It paints you as approachable and relatable – two qualities that clients will value.

7. Hire virtual assistant services

A real estate virtual assistant is a must-have for real estate agents these days. These virtual assistants can take over time-consuming data entry, social media marketing, phone calls, and other administrative tasks.

Having a real estate VA can increase your business productivity by freeing you and your local team to handle more essential tasks. This way, you use your time and resources more efficiently and optimise your schedule. Not having to do operational tasks could put you ahead in the real estate industry.

Other tasks you can delegate to your real estate virtual assistant include:

  • Following up with previous clients
  • Repetitive tasks
  • Marketing tasks such as social media and market research
  • Calendar management
  • And other time-consuming admin tasks

Hiring a real estate virtual assistant could be your ticket to becoming a better real estate agent. Whether you’re in property management or brokerage, these virtual assistants will help you benefit in the long run. Partner with Real Estate Virtual Assistant today and find the perfect offshore team for your real estate business.

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