How to Get More Results Out of Your Real Estate Virtual Assistant



If you’re in the Australian real estate business, you probably know that besides listing and selling properties, there’s always paperwork and detailed back-office tasks to complete. The million-dollar question right now is how can the top real estate agents perform so many functions in less time?

There’s really no secret to it. To be a successful real estate agent or business owner, hire a qualified real estate virtual assistant in Australia. A professional real estate VA assists agents with various functions. They can help you with repetitive tasks such as making phone calls, market research, data entry, calendar management, and other admin tasks. Some VAs can even be appointed as company team leaders.

Whether you are looking to hire remote assistants or already have a virtual assistant, you may wonder how you can get better results from hiring such a professional. In this post, we look at how real estate agents in Australia can get better results from hiring remote assistants. Below, you’ll learn more about the benefits of hiring a real estate VA and which tasks or functions they can perform to help you grow your real estate business.


Why Hire Real Estate Virtual Assistant?

Here are some of the top reasons for hiring a real estate virtual assistant.


1. Virtual Assistants Help With Generating More Qualified Leads

A professional virtual assistant understands how to target clients at different stages of the sales funnel. An experienced executive assistant ensures prompt response via text messages or email, so you never miss a potential lead.

Additionally, a real estate virtual assistant uploads marketing content on your social media pages and websites. Other tasks you may delegate to your virtual assistant include handling all incoming and outbound calls to new clients, plus any function involved in onboarding new leads. These make a real estate virtual assistant a critical component to the success of your real estate business.



2. Remote Assistants Can Help Improve Productivity

Hiring a real estate VA boosts productivity because you outsource repetitive and time-consuming tasks. That means you can focus on critical aspects of your business. Your assistant can prioritise tasks to ensure your clients are more than happy to sign on the dotted line.

Virtual assistants work from anywhere and are highly motivated and reliable professionals. Hence they are a good fit for busy agents.


3. Real Estate VAs Can Help Scale Your Business Easily

With more leads and improved productivity, your business will scale much faster than when you work alone. Your virtual assistant can manage digital marketing campaigns, lead generation processes, and goal-setting to convert new leads. Besides handling time-consuming tasks, a good VA can help you streamline the overall business operations. Hence, you focus more on dollar-productive tasks such as meeting clients and attending networking events, which help scale the real estate business.

Whether you’re starting as a real estate agent or a seasoned agent doesn’t matter. Hiring a real estate virtual assistant is the fastest approach for scaling your business to success.


Getting Results From Your VA

Having looked at why hiring a virtual assistant is essential, you can focus on getting the most out of your VA.


1. Hire The Right Remote Assistant

The critical aspect of getting the most from your real estate VA is ensuring you are hiring suitable candidates. Be aware that some applicants pretend to have years of experience in the real estate business. But in reality, they don’t understand the Australian market.

Thus, ask many questions during the screening process to ascertain that the person you are about to hire understands your industry. Focus on developing a strategic partnership with the real estate virtual assistant provider to help you source the staff who will be a good fit for your team and the local market as a whole.


2. Delegate Duties and Responsibilities

To get the best results out of your real estate VA, ensure you delegate as many tasks as they can handle. An excellent virtual staff can manage your social media and assist with the many business administration tasks. 

You can delegate such tasks. Make sure your virtual staff understands what you expect them to do and that they are aware of the deadlines for their assignments.


3. Encourage Greater Involvement

Nothing helps scale a business and improve productivity than encouraging your employees and virtual assistant to be part of the process. Micro-managing can affect team spirit, forcing your staff to stay away and feel less confident in accomplishing their tasks. You can encourage more involvement by assigning tasks and rewarding or appreciating team members for their achievements.


4. Create a Workflow for Essential Processes

Workflows streamline and automate tedious business tasks. Creating a workflow minimises room for errors and increases your overall efficiency. Hence, your staff can improve your business dramatically because they can make quicker and smarter decisions.

Creating a workflow eliminates redundancy and shows the bigger picture to your team.


5. Communicate With Your Real Estate VA Regularly

Most high-performance virtual assistants have been in business for years. They have worked with many successful real estate agents and achieved impressive results. Therefore, regularly talking with them about your business can help your company grow.

For instance, you may ask them for their views on improving specific business processes or how to reach out to a particular target market. They might recommend better project management and market research techniques to boost your business.



Real estate virtual assistants deliver improved productivity and are always ready to help you with matters around managing your business. However, you only take advantage of these benefits if you hire suitable virtual assistants. Partnering with the right VA provider or recruitment agency will help you attract high-performance virtual assistants for your real estate business. 

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