How Much Should You Be Spending On Hiring A Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Real estate is a cutthroat industry that needs one to be at the top of their game. Realtors and real estate investors lead busy lives and often clock long hours to complete multiple important stuff.

Hiring a real estate virtual assistant to handle those time-consuming tasks is an excellent option for small business owners and real estate agents.

How Much Do Real Estate Assistants From The Philippines Cost?

There is no standard remuneration system for a virtual real estate assistant. A wide range of factors determines the virtual assistant cost. The four common factors include:

  • Roles & responsibilities /The type of work the VA is involved in
  • Virtual assistant’s skills and level of experience
  • Location
  • The cost of onboarding and training, and hours worked

Here is a brief explanation of how these factors influence the cost of virtual assistants for real estate business.

Virtual assistant Roles and Responsibilities.

Consider that different roles require different skill sets to deliver desired results. Besides, some responsibilities take more time than others.
A social media marketing assistant may charge more than the general real estate virtual assistants in charge of administrative tasks.

The difference in cost is that real estate social media marketing requires proper market research and specific skills to achieve meaningful lead generation. However, a real estate virtual assistant in charge of administrative tasks often handles repetitive tasks that may not need a higher skill set.

Virtual Assistant’s Location

Real estate virtual assistants charge hourly rates that accommodate the current cost of living. In regions like the US and UK, where the current price of living is very high, the same is reflected in the cost of hiring virtual assistants.

The Philippines is a leading source of the right virtual assistant for real estate businesses and real Australian estate agents.

Virtual Assistant’s Skills and Experience Level

The real estate virtual assistant will charge based on their skills and value addition to your company. Typically, an experienced virtual assistant in charge of lead generation adds more excellent value to your business compared to the contribution of an assistant in charge of non-essential tasks.

Ideally, a lead generation professional brings potential clients to your business, resulting in more excellent value addition.

The cost of onboarding and training, and hours worked.

Onboarding cost and training are other contributors to overall virtual assistant cost. How many hours will you need to train the virtual assistant?
In addition, the costs of hiring a virtual assistant depend on hours worked, and the hourly rates agreed upon.

Before hiring a real estate virtual assistant, define their roles and responsibilities. Then, check different freelancing websites for hourly rates and freelancer’s time zone.

The Philippines is home to experienced virtual assistants who handle specialised tasks like helping a real estate agent with lead generation, closing deals, and other administrative tasks critical to the business owner’s success. Besides, the Philippines’ real estate VA is flexible when it comes to work hours, which is a vital consideration for most business owners.

Most virtual assistants understand the Australian real estate market and provide competitive pricing compared to the cost of hiring a full-time employee.

Do Real Estate Agents Need Virtual Assistants?

Virtual assistants for real estate agents handle repetitive tasks such as market research and help scheduling appointments. Besides, the independent contractors help with the administrative tasks involved in closing deals, data entry, and other essential functions critical for business growth.

The truth is that real estate virtual assistant services leave the realtors with enough time to focus on growing the business. Besides, the virtual assistants work remotely, so the realtor does not need extra office space or office furniture for staff.


Small business owners have learned that virtual assistants are a great value addition to their businesses, significantly when cutting office expenses. They engage experienced virtual assistants in specialized tasks and focus on more critical functions for their business. Hiring a virtual assistant also means more free time to bond with family and meet business associates.
To ensure you hire suitable real estate virtual assistants:

  1. Hold interviews via online platforms.
  2. Get multiple resumes and verify the professional’s skill level.
  3. During the interview, ask screening questions and ask the virtual assistant for a trial period.
  4. Before signing the long-term engagement contract, evaluate the virtual assistant’s performance during the trial period.

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