Real Estate Virtual Assistant Training


Real Estate Virtual Assistant Training


Virtual assistants have become an integral part of many real estate businesses. When you run your own business, finding ways to streamline costs is crucial, and hiring virtual assistants has become essential to saving money.

Unlike having a full-time employee, a real estate virtual assistant gets paid hourly for the work they are asked to do.

The work can include managing your social media, your property listings on your website, setting up appointments with buyers/sellers, conducting property market research, and dealing with phone calls and emails.

In this article, we recommend seven of the best ways to implement training for your virtual assistants.

Our Top Recommendations For Virtual Assistant Training

1 – Fully Booked VA

Fully Booked VA is a website created by Gina Horkey which allows you to do a course to help clients learn the skills to become a VA – or how best to find a VA.

This course is beneficial if you run your own virtual assistant business as there are invaluable new skills to get your first client.

The Horkey Handbook Fully Booked VA training program teaches you from the bottom up how to start your online business, run the day-to-day running, and attract high-ticket clients.

Gina Horkey created her own highly successful virtual assistant business, and she wants others to do the same by following her course.

The course on her website is easy to follow, with step-by-step instructions on attracting clients to your VA website. In addition, there are helpful pitch templates that can attract clients and maintain a healthy relationship with them.

The course also provides everyday project management tips, planner templates, a variety of strategies to use, and a range of virtual assistant services.

If you are unsure if you want to become a VA, the site also offers a mini-course before committing to the entire course.

Once a full course member, you will become a part of the online community, which includes 90-day access to the Fully Booked VA system.

Live weekly group chat sessions are also included in the whole course.

2 – 10K VA

Respected virtual assistant course creator Kayla Sloan runs the well-known website 10K VA, which teaches how to become a successful VA.

Kayla’s course starts at the bottom and covers which services will most likely attract clients, pricing, how to pitch potential clients and how to upscale your company.

The 10K VA name was inspired by the aim to show students how to earn 10K per month by learning from Kayla’s real-life mistakes with clearly thought out do’s and don’ts training programmes.

You will learn how to offer the right services to potential clients while building a clear online presence. The course also teaches how to set prices and when to increase the fee you charge as an online VA.

Creating a portfolio is vital when showing evidence of your skills to future clients; the course teaches you the best way to do this. In addition, you will also learn skills such as working with taxes, dealing with contracts, planning, scheduling, and marketing.

Social media is a vital way to attract clients and interact with others in the sector; 10K VA provides students with a private Facebook group for paying members only.

In addition, there is a second private group with direct access to Kaylor’s contacts at an additional cost.

3 – The Savvy System

If you want to work from home as a virtual assistant, then Abbey Ashley’s website, The Virtual Savvy, has a course that teaches everything you need to know.

On the website, you take a quiz to determine what virtual assistant role is most suitable for you. In addition, there is free virtual assistant training in the form of a one-hour training video on how best to market yourself to find virtual assistant jobs.

You also get a free checklist detailing 100+ virtual services you could offer clients.

Like most virtual assistant courses online, you have to pay for the good stuff, and the Savvy System has two paid-for courses. The first is a 14-module course, and then the Ultimate membership course.

This virtual assistant training program will show you have to create an online business from scratch. Each module shows you how to do each aspect of your VA business, from what services to offer to how to present them as a package and establish an online brand that will attract paying clients.

Vital aspects of a successful VA business are also covered in this online virtual assistant course, such as legal stuff, taxes, invoicing, and finance.

The Ultimate package includes lifetime access to new courses and exclusivity to the Virtual Savvy online community. It comes with a 30-day cooling-off period too.

4 – Laptop Lifestyle Bootcamp

For people who like to iterate directly, the Laptop Lifestyle Bootcamp offers live weekly coaching sessions and support from other community members.

Amanda Kolbye’s Laptop Lifestyle Bootcamp also offers one-to-one support with an expert, which is worth the course fee.

This online course provides step-by-step guidance on how to build a VA business over 12 weeks.

Students will be taught how to develop the right mindset for success with templates you can use as you build your virtual assistant career.

Like all the best virtual assistant courses, you learn how to package and price the right services, which will pinpoint your right niche target market.

This course teaches vital virtual assistant skills like managing projects, social media, email marketing, money matters, and creating content.

There are also five masterclasses run by experts in social media, copywriting, and email marketing. Also included is a mini Pinterest marketing course for those who want to become a Pinterest virtual assistant.

Students will also learn about tax, blog content writing, design, digital marketing, bookkeeping, sales funnels, branding, video editing, SEO, photography, and business coaching.

Those who pay for the course in one full payment instead of two six-month charges will get an additional one-to-one coaching call of 30-minutes.

5 – The VA Handbook

For those who like to go at their own pace, the 12-week VA Handbook course created by Joanne Munro is perfect.

Unlike many online virtual assistant courses, The VA Handbook targets beginners or those just starting their remote personal assistant journey.

The VA Handbook helps you figure out which kind of virtual assistant role you’re best suited for. You will learn how to set up your own VA business by following each content topic, providing the relevant business skills needed to run your online business.

Topics covered in the course include creating your brand and website, targeting clients within the lucrative niche service you provide, how to manage your productivity, social media marketing, and seeking opportunities on LinkedIn.

You will also be taught how to set prices and manage your business’s legal side.

The VA Handbook also includes lifetime access to their community, including job adverts, a book club, local meetups, Q&A sessions, a buddy-up scheme, and weekly personal feedback from Joanne herself.

6 – 90 Day VA

Unlike other virtual assistant training programs 90 Day VA founder Esther Inman has developed a  course that will get you earning within three months.

90-day VA is regarded as one of the best virtual assistant courses on the market and the longest established, and students have reported that it helped them find clients within 12 weeks of starting.

A free training class is available to explain to people what the role of a VA is and how people work remotely; this is provided before you sign up for the paid VA course.

In the paid course, each student will have a VA starter pack that includes money management tips, how to attract clients, and social networking.

The online training teaches you all the skills you need to know for the virtual assistant world of work, including monthly group calls, and you can search VA job adverts.

Course modules include blog content writing, managing websites, podcasting, social media management, email marketing, video editing, and project management.

This course targets people who want to get up and running and earn money with their VA business quickly.

7 – Work from Home as a VA

Many people often sign up for virtual assistant online courses without knowing the VA foundations and if they want to even work as a VA.

This may not be the best virtual assistant course available, but it is undoubtedly a no-nonsense course that will help you in the world of virtual assistant work.

Available via Udemy, this course will help people decide if they are cut out for doing the virtual assistant job.

The lifetime access to this online learning platform provides you with three VA training videos and a one-hour audio session on the basics of becoming your own boss. There are also five downloadable resource packages full of handy tips.

This VA course covers social media, pricing, and the day-to-day management skills you need to run a new small business.

While the course does not provide you with a virtual assistant database, it teaches methods to help you find clients.

The aim is that this course will give you an insight into the skills training and business training you require to run a successful business within the world of virtual assistance.

Why Is Virtual Assistant Training Important

Signing up for a VA training programme gives you the practical skills to move your business forward and the emotional support that will always be needed.

People quickly find that the VA community is a close-knit, supportive environment built on collaboration, not competition.

You may be confident about your social media management or bookkeeping skills, but running even a small business requires an entirely different skill-set.

These tutorials are often designed by a successful virtual assistant and include various tips, tricks, and do’s and don’ts.

Additionally, many of these courses have their support group and even a Facebook page to answer your queries, and mentors will offer one-on-one support.

Plan For Ongoing Virtual Assistant Training

If you want to work as a virtual assistant, it takes much more effort than just having a decent internet connection at home.

As you have read there are many VA courses that can help you become your own boss. However, you must plan for ongoing virtual assistant training as knowing just the VA foundations isn’t enough.

A long-term business plan should always include future training goals; just because you landed your first VA job in six months doesn’t mean you have made it.

Learning how to build and maintain healthy client relationships is vital, and a VA foundations course won’t always teach you this.

Only with experience and advanced VA courses will you learn what it takes to stand out from the rest in the virtual world.

Contact Us For Help With Training VAs

As you have read above, training is vital for VAs. It doesn’t matter if you are starting a virtual assistant or have grand plans to run your own VA agency. It is essential to get the proper training.

Paying for a course that leads you to gain a virtual assistant certification can prove both daunting and costly, mainly if you choose the wrong training course.

Let our virtual assistant agency help you with your training needs. We have extensive experience in this area and can save you money, time, and stress.

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