How Remote Work Is Changing Tech Salaries


It was only a matter of time before technology allowed us to skip the commute and work from home, but the change happened quicker than expected due to COVID-19. It is pretty impressive how quickly companies abandoned the office with little disruption to productivity. For many, the only change was that meetings were happening through video calls instead of conference rooms.

This rapid change in the environment might affect salaries. The workday is getting longer, the free “perks” of going to the office are no longer available, and parents have to multitask to keep their children entertained. The separation of work and home is less visible. How we work has been altered, but will salaries change as well?

There have been ruminations of tech companies wanting to pay employees based on their location. This competition could drive salaries down as qualified individuals in cities with a reasonable cost of living could work for less than those in pricy areas. There is also an argument that this will allow the most qualified candidates to get the job since remote work removes the locations barrier.

If working from home seems like a good situation, it might be time to consider jobs that lend themselves to remote work. Tech jobs are a growing industry that allow many employees to work wherever they are comfortable.

Web Developers

Web developers use a variety of coding languages to create and maintain the framework and processes that allow us to complete our desired tasks using apps, programs, and webpages. The lack of congregation in the office hasn’t had a huge impact on web developers, except maybe having to purchase their own snacks. They can complete their work from anywhere with an Internet connection.

All web developers aren’t created equally. They often specialize in a particular coding language and work on specific parts of an application. Front end developers focus on customer-facing issues while a back end developer does her work on the company side of things. A full stack developer works on both the front and back end portions of a website.

There are multiple ways to become a web developer. Some are self-taught, others get computer science degrees from universities, and others attend bootcamps to learn the necessary skills. No path is better than the other. What matters is picking a learning option that will successfully work with your personal situation.

Many tech jobs can be done from home and pay handsomely; a web developer in a city like Atlanta can make around $75,000 a year. Another tech job you can do remotely is that of a data scientist.

Data Scientist

The job of a data scientist is, you guessed it, dealing with data. The Internet, and all its functions, create massive amounts of data. This data is useless unless it is organized. What data to collect, where to collect it from, and what it means are all parts of the process that a data scientist might have a hand in.

Data scientists can come from many backgrounds; they must be analytical, but there are many outputs a data scientist could specialize in. Business is one aspect; companies want to take their data and transform it into a better product.

Raw data can be overwhelming and meaningless if it isn’t presented appealingly. Organizing data into actionable pieces of evidence is an aspect of the role that might appeal to you, especially if you have an eye for trends or enjoy creating visuals.

If becoming a data scientist sounds like a job you would enjoy doing from home, you might consider one of these top data science bootcamps. Aside from the rewarding work of compiling and analyzing data, a data scientist can expect to make close to six figures.

Tech Bootcamps Can Help You Land a Remote Job

Your home might be your future office. The skills learned in tech bootcamps will prepare you to get a tech job you can perform at home. A bootcamp is a high-intensity course aiming to build your coding skills to an employable level.

Many bootcamps, such as Springboard, offer job guarantees after graduation. Springboard provides the material and support to help you become a web developer or data scientist.

You could say goodbye to the office by becoming a tech professional working remotely full-time.

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