Business Critical Reasons For Outsourcing


Business Critical Reasons For Outsourcing


Businesses have turned to outsourcing companies to help provide their virtual assistant workers because it can save a lot of time and money.

Virtual assistants perform a wide range of tasks from admin duties, marketing, social media management, and anything that suits your business needs.

They are hired to help with production or service delivery. In addition, hiring VAs allows you to get on with other business areas, which will directly impact your profit.

There has been a skyrocketing demand for VA services over the past five years, and here are eight main reasons why outsourcing will give you a competitive edge.

8 Key Reasons Why Every Business Needs To Outsource Tasks

1 – Gain Control Of Labour Costs

Companies chose to save money on labor costs to help them stay competitive. Many companies outsource work because they save costs on paying a full-time salary along with  sick and holiday pay.

It also enables companies to save on operating costs such as office space, office equipment, and governmental legal entitlements.

Businesses make significant savings by paying a VA or outsourcing company a fixed payment rate for the tasks they perform.

Outsourcing means your business is delegating responsibilities to save on unwanted expenditures but maintaining a high level of performance.

Most companies can see that their lower operational costs have a defining impact on the overall running costs of the company. The money saved can be put back into other areas like having the latest technology.

Having a handle on the labor costs of your business is a significant reason why you will succeed where many fail.

2 – Stay Focused On Core Business Processes

Staying focused on the core business processes is vital to the long term success of a company.

Outsourcing time-consuming tasks helps you to devote more time to the critical areas of your core business, especially those that are dollar productive.

If you spend too much time performing admin tasks, you will soon see your core business functions suffer. And it limits your control over work-life balance.

Make sure you use your internal resources in the right way. By using outsourcing external agencies, companies have been able to maximise productivity of internal resources.

The VAs you hire can perform the heavy tasks you assign them, allowing you to continue focusing on the key components to help with business growth.

Hiring a VA not only helps save costs on mundane but time-consuming processes. It also enables companies to gain access to a broader global knowledge base.

Outsourcing allows you to dedicate more time to key market areas, which helps improve your company’s performance.

3 – Expand Your Service Capabilities

Apart from the primary reasons for outsourcing, using an outsource provider can also improve your service or product.

External agencies and saving money can also provide companies with talented workers who may bring different skills to your business.

With these additional skills come new opportunities. For example, a highly skilled VA may have certain technical skills that can free up more time in your sales team.

With primary benefits realised, there is no reason why your business operations can not expand.

World-class enterprises outsource their work.

It is how successful enterprises realise their world-class capabilities and stay ahead of the competition.

4 – Free Up Key Employees

Hiring outsourced workers enables companies to free up key in-house employees.

While companies choose to employ remote workers to save on cost, its benefits to in-house staff are vast.

The remote worker can be assigned time consuming must-do tasks, while your other office-based staff can be performing tasks that drive revenue.

Using your internal resources wisely will help you concentrate on service delivery closer. For example, you do not want your key staff members or directors’ time being taken performing admin tasks.

Ensuring that every team member knows their role is vital if you are to make the most of your internal resources.

When people know their roles and feel valued as team members, they perform to a higher standard.

The most successful companies choose to outsource every day and must-have tasks so that it frees up their crucial staff to display their world-class capabilities.


5 – Avoid Spending Time On Mundane Tasks

All companies have different approaches to how they run their organisation. However, businesses that hire outsourced services are mindful of internal resource crunches.

Even world-leading companies have limited time they can give to mundane tasks.

Time should be spent wisely, and if you can pass responsibility onto an outsource worker, it will help your organisation in the short and long term.

If your office staff are spending too much time on mundane admin tasks, it will impact their ability to perform their critical functions to a high level.

Trying to move your business forward is more accessible when you outsource certain areas of your organisation to remote workers; doing so will alleviate stress from other team members.

For example, if you hit a staffing crisis in your office, your company could continue to run through the work the VAs provide. As a result, you may have to hire more VAs as a short-term measure.

6 – Better Manage Certain Risks

All investments carry a degree of risk. Hiring an outsource services provider reduces the stress and the level of risk.

The service provider will undertake all the risk management for you when hiring a quality virtual assistant.

The VA agency provider will source, hire, train and manage your VA, which means you are not wasting time and money on recruiting a VA who is not suitable for the job.

Not only is that wasted time and effort that you can’t afford to lose, but you could also end up with a VA that does more damage than good.

The solution to this is to have a tried and tested recruitment process in place that reduces the risk of hiring the wrong person.

7 – Access Wider Markets

Businesses are always looking to access broader markets. Doing so helps keep them at the forefront of new services.

Outsourcing work has always been a hotly debated topic within the business world. However, it has taken years for people to trust companies that fully provide outsourcing services.

Hiring an outsource service provider will enable companies to explore and gain access to new business markets.

Your company may not have the proper knowledge in a specific field, but the service provider will find the right people to fill those gaps.

The main aim of every company must be to provide an excellent level of service, or produce a high-quality product people want to buy, while still making a healthy profit.

8 – Delegate Difficult Business Functions

The ability to delegate in business is essential. However, it takes a certain level of trust in someone to take charge of certain parts of your production or service delivery.

You must sometimes delegate complex business functions, especially when you don’t have the right experience in a particular area of your company.

Just because you own the business doesn’t mean you need to take responsibility for every aspect of your company – delegation is a critical skill that must be learned.

Most IT departments are outsourced to countries like India because they have built a reputation for producing world-class IT experts.

The right level of the delegation will help your company move forward.

Let Our Team Help With Your Outsourcing Requirements

In a world of economic turbulence, it is vital that every business can react quickly to what is happening globally.

In the financial crash of 2008, many companies were unable to survive because they were hindered by high staffing levels and paying high rents for office space.

With over a decade of experience in hiring, training, and managing teams of VAs for small and medium size companies, we are able to provide you with fast access to highly talented people. We are happy to help you find the perfect outsourcing solution for your business.

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