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Time is a valuable commodity of any business, and managing your business’ time effectively can help when it comes to that magic word we call profit.

We all know the feeling of there not being enough hours in the day. This feeling is heightened when it comes to running your business. Entrepreneurs often feel they are wasting their valuable time when they are dealing with admin stuff.

However, with the right calendar management virtual assistant to delegate the administration tasks, it allows you to concentrate on other parts of your business.

You will be surprised how quickly you will see the benefits of gaining control of your calendar. The easiest way to do this is to hire a calendar management virtual assistant who will manage your schedule for you.

What Does A VA Do For Your Business?

A Virtual Assistant is there to schedule appointments for you and perform any other admin tasks you may require.

This “virtual” worker often works from a remote location of their home and conducts all their work online.

You could describe your virtual assistant as your Personal Assistant who carries out the tasks you don’t have enough time to do.

A virtual assistant does everything from calendar management, email management, meeting notes, and other computer-related tasks. The only difference between a virtual assistant’s role and that of a PA is that they are contracted to work set hours and are not full-time employed.

For example, a calendar management virtual assistant will not work a 48-hour week. They are hired to take the workload off you and manage your calendar.

Contracting a calendar management virtual assistant will improve the running of your business as they will deal with your to-do list, help with scheduling meetings, and focus on admin. This will allow you more flexibility within your business.

Identify Productive and Unproductive Tasks

All businesses have a busy schedule, so it is important to prioritise important tasks. Therefore, you must break the tasks down into core functions and non-core functions.

When we are talking about core functions, these are the tasks that are important to the main functionality and success of the company. A company coach/consultant’s core tasks would often comprise of the following things:

  • Meeting with clients and prospects.
  • Planning out presentations.
  • Reviewing company financial analytics.
  • Spend time providing one-on-one consultation.
  • Conducting seminars and workshops.
  • Calendar management/appointments.
  • Attending networking events, trade shows, business focus meetings.

Non-core functions are often related to the administration task side of the business. These skills are important to keep the company running efficiently.

These Non-core functions often include:

  • Administrative Tasks – answering phone calls, filtering emails, and meeting requests/calendar management.
  • Back Office Support – dealing with the accounts, bills payment, and human resources.
  • Technical Tasks – customer service, social media, market research, and marketing and promotion.

As a business owner, task delegation is important. So make sure you hand over all the non-core functions to your hired virtual assistant. They can deal with calendar management while you deal with the more important things within your company.

Especially those dollar productive tasks.

You have enough to worry about, so let your virtual assistant manage all the non-productive functions. For example, not having to sift through countless emails will save you at least a few hours a day.

You don’t want to have the hassle of trying to remember if you have paid your Internet bill or not. It may sound funny, but it would not be a laughing matter if you got cut off during a Skype call to an important client.

The services your business provides to your clients are of paramount importance. So any sign that standards are slipping will not reflect well.

Unfortunately, when you spend time on these tasks, they are often time-consuming, and in the long term, they prove to be less cost-effective. So hiring a virtual assistant to look after your calendar management allows you to save money in the long run.

How Can Virtual Assistants Help You Stay On Top Of Your Calendar Management?

All good virtual assistants will be able to provide and customise your business calendar into core/non-core services.

By doing this, it will be far easier for the virtual assistant you hire to manage your day-to-day business schedule faster and more efficiently.

The virtual worker will be able to free up time for you by implementing ways to improve calendar management. Arranging meetings will be made easier when the virtual assistant uses calendar management skills and software such as google calendar or other calendar apps to make appointments.

A Sample Virtual Assistants Situation

Your Virtual Assistant has had a heads up about some conflicts regarding your current schedule:

Client A is no longer able to make the afternoon appointment on Monday and wants to rearrange for another suitable time within the week.

Client B is unavailable for the face-to-face meeting on Tuesday, 10.30 am to 11:30 am. However, he is available on Thursday between 9:00 am to 10:00 am.

Business lead A has to move their meeting with you to an earlier time as they have an urgent appointment due to busy schedules.

Before agreeing to schedule meetings with the Business lead and clients, your VA will discuss the proposed schedule with you. They will try to arrange a time that suits all by discussing the possibilities.

For example, Client B may agree to a Wednesday face-to-face meeting instead of the original Tuesday date.

Once you have approved the new scheduling, your VA can deal with the rest of the details by contacting each person to inform them of the revised schedule.

You can stay ahead of the game in terms of your daily, weekly, and even yearly business commitments with the help of the excellent service your VA provides.

Freeing Up Your Time

A good VA will deal with all the data that all non-essential tasks require. You won’t have to worry about these tasks. By managing these things promptly, it will free you of the stress of trying to keep a close eye on your busy appointments.

You can be free of the tedious admin work that stopped you from keeping track of more important business matters. As the boss of the company, you will no longer have to deal with junk emails, paying bills, and dealing with the world of social media.

The VA will also be able to help you in performing tasks such as preparing for business presentations. Helping with presentation materials may involve collecting data or even conducting research.

Once each task has been fully completed, the Virtual Assistant will be able to tick off each task before giving you the lowdown on everything they have done that day. It also gives you a chance to provide them with any reminders of tasks they may have to complete.

Using The Right Tools To Manage Calendars

There are many ways in which a Virtual Assistant could carry out their work so that they don’t lose track of things. Using the basic but effective paper calendar or spreadsheet formatting methods is fine, but there are many calendar management tips that can make it more efficient and effective.

There will be more than just one calendar used for appointment setting, and virtual assistants will have to be skilled at using software apps such as Google Calendar, Fantastical, and Evernote.

In addition to this, Outlook and Accompant are also widely used in modern businesses. Of course, other in-house software may be used for your company’s needs.

It is up to the VA to have a good grasp on which calendar management tools are the best suited to your business needs. Using the calendar app is far more effective than no-app methods. The fact that it has multi-functionality will make it easier for your VA to use and navigate.

It is also a good idea to make sure that your VA provides you with any to-do lists so that you worry less about missing an important meeting with a client. Reminders from your VA can prove vital.

When you use the calendar management services that a VA can provide, it allows you to free up more of your valuable time to concentrate on the core functions. You will see your focus increase as well as the productivity of your company as you allow your VA to manage your calendar.

Hiring a VA will prove cost-effective, and it will free you of the annoying stresses of your business. You could even be free to spend more time with family members or even spend more time entertaining clients on the golf course.




The Advantage Of Remote VAs

We all have a life outside of the confines of the office. Now is the time to start delegating to others within the company. And hiring a remote VA will help get things done outside normal working hours.

Having a virtual assistant that lives in a different time zone to your company can be an advantage. For one, there is no travel time to deal with. They can be working on tasks, dealing with emails, meeting requests, and so on while you are still in bed.

This means that when you come into the office, the emails have been screened, phone inquiries have been prioritised, and your working life is made a whole lot easier.

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