Real Estate Virtual Assistant Jobs In Australia


Real Estate Virtual Assistant Jobs In Australia is a fast-growing business that provides highly-trained virtual assistants who are based in the Philippines for Australian Real Estate Agencies and Agents.

Our Australian-based company is keen to increase our workforce. As a company, we pride ourselves on providing knowledge-based virtual assistant positions to the best Filipino workers who meet our skill-set criteria.

For more details on the skills a professional virtual assistant worker has to bring to a client company, please keep reading the information below.

Most Important Responsibilities

  • Prepare and send email content for marketing campaigns.
  • Produce pamphlets.
  • Manage Facebook, Linkedin and other social media of relevance.
  • Research to help generate leads.
  • Produce forms of agreement documents.
  • Manage web content for real estate listings on the company site.
  • Arrange office appointments.
  • Specialise in video and photo editing.
  • Deal with customer correspondence and client accounts.

Everybody wants to improve their skill-set, right? Well, with our virtual assistance jobs, the successful virtual assistant will be upskilled over time. When their skills improve, their job classification will reflect this.

Virtual assistant jobs in Australia provide the chosen candidate with the great opportunity of being able to work the most up-to-date data entry administrative support jobs.

The level of salary is all dependent on what skills the virtual assistant has. If they have the required skills to be an executive assistant within our business, then the level of payment will be higher than that of a technical assistant grade job.

Critical VA Skills

  • You must be fluent in English, both written and speaking.
  • Honest, punctual, and reliable.
  • A good understanding of computers for carrying out general admin data entry tasks.
  • Must be able to work with minimal supervision and be alert.
  • Be organised and highly efficient.
  • Must have great attention to detail for research.
  • Not serious about working for us under a long-term agreement? Please do not apply for our latest jobs.

The VA must have the ability under our guidance as employers to learn a new skill set that will help them achieve full integration in their career within our company.

To achieve this aim, they will be responsible for many things and must display total focus in their willingness to improve in their job.

They may be asked to do many different tasks within their job such as creating scheduled appointments, marketing events administration, and accounting for review deadlines.

General Requirements

  • Technical equipment such as headphones, camera, microphone.
  • Excellent broadband Internet.
  • Skype account.
  • Having Microsoft Word/Outlook are a must.
  • Stay focused/alert at all times by working in a noise-free office environment.
  • Take into account that full-time positions are also available.

Having the right equipment to enable you to do your job is of paramount importance. The job will mean you will be working remotely, so excellent knowledge of how to use virtual apps like Skype to allow you to chat with clients is a must.

We regularly have new virtual assistant positions at Australian businesses, which will appeal to people who have the vision to help create improvement in themselves. This may be in areas like marketing, research, social media management, or any other service we provide.

Benefits Of Virtual Assistant Jobs

  • If you get any of our new jobs, full support and training will be provided.
  • Excellent opportunity to do different roles.
  • Outstanding management support.
  • All jobs come with holiday leave.
  • High performers will gain promotion.

Our company provides many different client-based services, so if you want to join an organisation that values you as an individual based on your skillset then apply for one of our new jobs. The job position you apply for may be permanent or part-time.

This is your time to discover what you know you are capable of achieving by working as part of a team that specialises in providing the best services to our many clients. There will be plenty of flexibility offered in your working life, which will allow you to excel.

Like most local businesses in Australia, our job is to manage and offer a competitive salary. With this in mind stop your search and don’t miss out on working for our company.

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We hire highly motivated VAs covering all areas to help us create ongoing success within our business. Looking for a position with a good salary and you are willing to deal with different business projects? Skip looking any further and contact us today.

We have clients all over Australia including Melbourne VIC and are driven by providing a highly professional service to all our client base whichever location they may be in.

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