Our outsourcing journey began over 5 years ago when we required some extra assistance in our real estate agency. Like many businesses, we were drowning in non dollar productive, back end administration. Once you figure out how much time you spend on these things you’ll understand what you’re losing out on.

Our first virtual assistant (who is still with us today) made a massive impact very quickly. It wasn’t long before we hired our second virtual assistant. Word spread through out the industry about how we had improved our efficiencies and lowered our overheads. It wasn’t long until friends and colleagues wanted us to help them with their outsourcing needs and so began the start of Real Estate Virtual Assistant.

Over the years, we have developed many systems to minimise staff turn over and provide genuine long term value for our clients. You can take advantage of that experience today.

Today Real Estate Virtual Assistant has grown into a team of over 100 staff with our main office located in the Freeport Zone of Clark, Philippines. And you can take advantage of our experienced team immediately.

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