How Real Estate VA’s Can Boost Your Business


Real estate VA’s or virtual assistants can do more than just assist you in administrative tasks. Properly managed, they can be a significant factor in cultivating success for your agency. Here are 9 ways real estate VA’s can boost your business:


Manage Costs


Cost management is an important aspect of running a profitable business. Even if your agency is raking in the money, you should be mindful of needless spending. Ideally your costs should be at a point where operations are not compromised but not where assets are under-utilized.

Hiring real estate VA’s will not affect your monthly budget because you only pay for the hours worked. Because VA’s are not classified as full time employees, you are not required to give them 48 hours of work per week. On average, virtual assistants only put in 20 hours per week. In addition, you are not obligated to pay benefits to virtual assistants.


Allows You to Focus on Core Functions


Once you’ve hired a real estate VA, the first thing you should delegate is administrative tasks. These include e-mail filtering, phone handling, appointment setting, calendar management and filing. When you no longer find yourself dealing with these tasks, you would be able to allocate more time to the core functions of your business.

This means having more time to meet with clients, attend auctions and open homes, actively pursue leads, review and negotiate contracts and prepare for key account presentations.


Remain Active in Marketing


In real estate, you must constantly work on generating leads and expanding your network. The most effective way is to market and promote your business through online marketing.

But effective online marketing needs experience. It also requires a tremendous amount of time. For example, for your social media marketing campaign to be effective, you must post relevant content at least twice per day depending on the platform you are using.

You can find virtual assistants who have designed and implemented digital marketing campaigns. You may also find a real estate VA with experience in digital marketing and the skills to create engaging and keyword rich content.


Convert Leads into Sales


After some time, your online marketing efforts will begin to generate leads on a consistent basis. Your focus should now shift toward closing these leads and converting them into paying customers. This is where you need virtual assistants with experience in sales.

Consistent follow up sales calls are very important if you want to close deals. The real estate market can be very competitive and if you don’t have someone constantly touching base with a prospect, another agent might steal the sale from under your nose.

Other than follow up sales calls, the real estate VA can do e-mail marketing, outbound surveys and after- sales calls to try and secure referrals from existing clients.


Improve Customer Service


Agents receive calls and e-mails from prospects and clients throughout the day. Some are inquiries on services, status reports or feedback on their property and request for quotations among others. No one wants to be ignored. The appropriate response time should be no more than 24 hours.

Poor customer service can result in damaged reputation and foregone sales. Having a Virtual Assistant available to take in and respond to all inquiries will go a long way in enhancing your customer service efforts. The real estate VA can manage customer service via landline, mobile phone, e-mail and chat support.


Never Miss Out on Key Opportunities


If you don’t clean out your e-mail, you may overlook a message from a prospect or a client that could have resulted in a possible sale. The same goes for your regular mail.

In business, communication is very important. You should be able to attend and address valuable communication that comes your way. Most of these have a response time frame. If you fail to meet it, the opportunity may be passed on to another agent.

A real estate VA can manage all the communication that is addressed to you. She can filter the important ones from junk and will make sure you will not be at risk of missing out on key opportunities.

Keeps Your Business Organized


If you often find yourself preparing the day’s agenda every morning, looking for crucial documents or preparing materials until the wee hours of the evening, you are wasting productive hours.

A real estate VA can help you schedule your day’s appointments the night before. She can introduce an efficient but easy- to- use filing system so it will be fast and convenient to find documents when you need them. She can also expertly prepare PowerPoint materials so you have enough time to review them before your presentation.


Opens Up Your Options


Hiring full- time employees limits your options because you have to abide by the provisions of your city state’s labor laws. But contracting virtual assistants opens them up because the arrangement is between client and service provider. It can easily be terminated or renewed depending on the working relationship.

The cost differential between hiring a full time employee and Virtual Assistant can also increase business flexibility.

The estimated cost of hiring a full- time employee is 1.4 times his or her basic pay. Assuming a wage rate of $16 per hour and a 22 day work schedule, the cost of a full-time employee can be pegged at $3,942 per month.

If you hire a VA for $7 per hour at 4 hours per day for 22 days a month, the total cost will only be $616 per month. You can hire 6 virtual assistants for the price of 1 full- time employee!


Relieve Stress


The biggest mistake real estate agents can make is to believe they are superheroes. They will keep working and grinding until they close a sale. Unfortunately, stress is your kryptonite.

By outsourcing work to your real estate VA, you will be able to take time off and recharge your batteries. A little rest and relaxation will help improve your productivity because you will have more energy and enthusiasm by the time you get back to work.

Hiring a real estate VA is not guaranteed to turn your agency into a money- making machine. A Virtual Assistant is a solution not a miracle worker. But a VA will definitely lend better organization and structure to your business so you can have more time and focus to work on matters that will directly contribute to profitability.

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