Up Your Real Estate Expertise by Watching These 5 Real Estate Video Channels

Posting videos is an excellent way to stand out in the real estate industry. They make potent visuals that entice people into purchasing a property and can generate leads for you in the long run.

There are several types of videos you can upload to boost your real estate business. Listing videos provide a preview of the properties you’re selling, which can pique people’s interests. Meanwhile, agent profile videos make real estate agents more accessible to their clients. Lastly, informational videos are helpful for an audience beyond your clients.

Are you or your real estate virtual assistant looking for inspiration for videos for your real estate business? Let your virtual assistants and real estate agents learn from these five best video channels in real estate.

Boutique Real Estate Group

BREG knows that they’re not just selling homes – they’re selling a whole lifestyle. Their videos show prospective buyers what it feels like living in one of the properties they manage.

Their videos provide an excellent overview of their listings, mixed with shots of people enjoying the residence. It’s aspirational – meaning clients will aspire to have the same lifestyle and check out BREG’s similar properties.

The videos are well-produced and edited, combining upbeat music with dynamic shots to perfectly showcase the best that BREG’s properties have on offer.

Check out their YouTube channel here.

Long & Foster (Christie’s International Real Estate)

Christie’s has a reputation for luxury, but behind its real estate business is a group of down-to-earth professionals. The Long & Foster team are two of those people. Many people want to work with Christie’s brand, so Long & Foster made videos to attract prospective real estate agents through digital marketing.

They produce “day in the life” style clips that show what working as a real estate agent is like. The videos combine managerial insights with client meetings to paint a perfect picture for agents, buyers, and sellers alike.

Take inspiration from Long & Foster to create videos that showcase what it’s like to work for your business. This is especially valuable if you’re hiring real estate virtual assistants since you can give insight into the culture at your workplace without them having to be on-site.

Watch more of Long & Foster’s videos here.

Lifestyle Production Group

Some of the best real estate videos are by the Lifestyle Production Group. They create videos for realtors and estate agencies, focusing on the architecture and the surrounding area of each home.

Their YouTube channel showcases different luxury properties around the United States, with overviews of the home’s features and location. It’s a great way to build a real estate brand and give prospective clients the ‘feel’ of each home you’re selling.

See more from the Lifestyle Production Group on their channel here.

Doksimon Homes

This Ghanaian real estate company also specialises in luxury homes. Each video is unique, with an overview of the property followed by a call to action by the company owner himself, Michael Doksimon.

The videos include the realtors talking directly to the camera and, therefore, the audience. They showcase not just the home itself but the surrounding location and community. Doksimon also highlights different parts of the house to entice viewers into checking out the property.

Get the rest of Doksimon Homes’ videos on their channel here.

Stephanie McCarthy

Stephanie mixes clips of her everyday life alongside her client work to create an intriguing agent profile video. This lets her introduce herself and her unique personality to prospective clients, who can know her better before working with her.

She also focuses on educating her clients by guiding them through each home-buying process step. Then Stephanie talks about why she’s ahead of her competition and why you should trust your investment in her hands.

View Stephanie McCarthy’s agent profile video here.

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