Hiring A Dedicated Virtual Assistant For Graphic Design Tasks


Hiring A Dedicated Virtual Assistant For Graphic Design Tasks


Gone are the days when a virtual assistant performed primary secretarial and administration duties.

A virtual assistant may well perform admin tasks, but an increasing number of remote workers are highly skilled in certain areas like marketing, finance, or graphic design.

It often seems like a good idea to handle all your graphic design needs or keep them in-house, but this takes time and effort, and the result isn’t always up to standard.

For small businesses, hiring an in-house graphic designer is probably not going to be financially feasible, and that’s where hiring a virtual assistant can become the most viable option.

Let’s see how you could benefit.

Why Hire A Graphic Design Virtual Assistant?

Hiring a virtual assistant for graphic design is an excellent idea for any small business or self-employed individual.

Often people will try to perform graphic design tasks themselves but don’t have the skills required to get the best results from the graphic design tools they use.

Virtual graphic designers have spent years developing their design skills to a professional standard, and utilising these skills can help transform the image of your company.

It is all very well trying to handle your business graphic design needs, but during the time you or one of your staff spends doing the design, you are neglecting other areas of your business,

Building your brand identity takes time, and considerable effort, and many people are surprised at all the tasks that need graphic design.

Using graphic design services does not have to cost the earth, and you decide if you want to hire on a one-off project basis or build a more long-term relationship.

Often once businesses form a good working relationship with their virtual assistants, they wonder how they used to manage without them.

13 Graphic Design Tasks You Can Outsource To A VA

1 – Social Media Graphics

Social media plays a vital role in the success of any business. And that requires high-quality graphics to ensure your social media posts stand out.

Your social media presence helps to tell a story about what your business stands for and the products or services it provides.

A social media strategy always needs to look great to help engage with the potential target audience.

You may already have a person looking after your social media accounts, but they may not be highly skilled in design, and that’s why you need to hire a graphic design VA.

Graphics and text content should amalgamate seamlessly. An experienced graphics virtual assistant will be able to create, test, tweak and implement all the graphic-to-test elements which deliver the right results.

2 – Infographics

Hiring a graphic design VA will help with creating infographics with the best information and marketing impact all in one.

Using infographics takes skill and knowledge, which is best left to the experts.

A graphic design virtual assistant will use various tools to help achieve the right image that will boost your website and social media engagement which leads to additional sales.

The way information is presented is vital if it is to be engaging to its audience. This is where virtual graphic designers use their eye for detail to make sure the whole layout flows and is easy to understand.

3 – Logos

Your business logo is often the first thing that visually attracts a potential customer to your business. Therefore, the logo must stand out and send a clear message.

The problem is most people think designing a logo is easy. Of course, plenty of online packages help you create logos, but unless you have a creative eye, the logo will look amateur.

Graphic virtual assistants spend years building experience in what colours, fonts, and graphics work best together to deliver a clear message.

As a business owner, you should know that professional logo design is vital in building your company brand.

4 – Website Graphics

Even if you are a small business, you need a professional website that delivers the right message about the product or service you offer.

Gone are the days when you can attract a potential client by just giving information using text-heavy web pages. Instead, people want to see quality, visually pleasing websites which provide the information they need about your business in a way that is easy to process.

Here is where a highly skilled graphic design VA is the one particular person with the relevant technical skills who can be an asset to your business.

You need a virtual graphic design assistant to help you create appealing and informative visuals which interlink with the company website well. Unifying all graphics is a must to get the right message across.

5 – Branded Stationery

Even if you run a small business online, there will always be a time when you need branded stationery.

You may invite clients to your office or have to attend a trade fair to help promote your company.And having branded stationery shows that you are a professional, trustworthy business.

Branded stationery can be part of your marketing materials which may involve giving out pens with your company logo at trade fairs or even sending mailshots to clients with the company logo on the top of the letter.

When you hire a graphic designer, branded stationery can become a part of the packaging design services they offer.

6 – eBook Design

An informative eBook can often be used to promote your business and the products and services it provides.

Businesses may send customers or potential clients a free downloadable eBook as part of their marketing efforts. And it’s essential that the eBook looks professional.

Just designing a gorgeous cover is not enough, as every page of an eBook needs to stand out.

You may be a successful business owner who has written an ebook about how you succeeded in business. Hiring the right virtual assistant for graphic design to manage the entire process of designing your eBook is vital if you are looking to make your eBook engaging.

7 – Brochures

Creating company brochures is often used for marketing your company to the right target audience.

The style of the brochure you decide to produce should be linked with your branding.

Business owners often have good ideas but don’t know how to bring those ideas to life visually, and an excellent virtual assistant graphic designer will have all the skills to do this.

Print design and digital brochures are vital in promoting your business to a broader audience, especially in the real estate industry.

Having ongoing support from a virtual assistant to help create a marketing brochure will help you focus on different ideas without worrying about how to design them.

8 – Business Cards

Handing out a crappy business card at a meeting or trade fair will create a wrong first impression. So instead, let your virtual assistant graphic designer come up with the right business card that reflects your company image.

While printed business cards are still used, in the internet age, business cards can also come in digital form.

A digital business card can save you money on printing costs and can be sent via Bluetooth or at the end of emails. Business cards can also be included within a delivered physical product.

Whichever method you use, the design needs to be professional and stand out. 9 – Property Listings

Having eye-catching photos for your property listings will help both buyer and seller. On the other hand, using low-quality images will cause issues with the seller, because appearance is everything when trying to sell a property.

An excellent property listing guide must be pleasing to the eye in terms of the property images you use, and precise, easy-to-understand details about the property must be set out correctly.

A high-quality graphic design virtual assistant can use pictures and text information that work seamlessly together.

Using images and text correctly can enhance your chances of selling a property. And using them badly with the wrong information will cause significant issues for your business due to customer complaints.

10 – Photo Editing

An essential part of the job of a graphic design virtual assistant is photo editing. Businesses often don’t hire professional photographers, and staff members will take photos themselves at a trade fair or other business presentation.

Often the photos taken are not up to professional standards. And this is where a graphic design virtual assistant proves invaluable as they can enhance the image by using Photoshop or other editing software.

By hiring a graphic designer to enhance photos your staff have taken, you are saving money as you know that you still own the copyright to the picture you use to promote your business.11 – Print Marketing

A virtual assistant for graphic design is essential for print marketing. Printing onto physical products such as paper or merchandise needs a higher print quality than an image on a website. Therefore you need someone with expert knowledge in this area.

Virtual graphic designers will be skilled in using the right graphic design tools to ensure your company graphics stand out when printed onto merchandise.

Your company may offer merchandise such as t-shirts, mugs, car stickers, pens and so on. If the print quality is poor, people won’t buy the products, which ends up costing you sales and reflects poorly on your company.

12 – Landing Pages

Like other marketing materials, companies use landing pages to promote their company.

The landing page is commonly used to promote a new offer, be it a product or service. However, landing pages can change frequently, so hiring a graphic designer to take care of this is a good idea.

Web development is key to most businesses, and online ads are essential in driving customers to your website.

As soon as a person clicks on your online ad through social media, they will need to land on a great landing or page or else they’ll just hit the back button and you’ve wasted advertising dollars.

13 – Flyers

Businesses still use printed flyers to market and promote their services. However, if the flyer includes poor-quality pictures and graphics, it won’t reflect well on the company.

And if a flyer doesn’t grab a person’s attention, it is more likely to end up in the recycling bin.

A graphic design virtual assistant can be responsible for the project management of producing high-quality flyers.

Well-presented flyers using quality images and vibrant colours are still a very effective way of promoting your business and attracting new customers.

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