5 Killer Quora Answers on Real Estate

The internet is a hotbed of information and with good reason. It’s so easy these days to open a browser on your phone or your computer and just Google the answer to any question you have in mind. This applies to many topics – food, travel, literature… and real estate!

There are plenty of resource sites that contain valuable answers to common questions, and Quora is one of those – a question and answer site sourced from users. This means that the people accessing the website can either ask a question or answer one.

Do you have any questions about real estate in mind? Here are five killer Quora answers on real estate.

QUESTION: Is real estate a good investment?

This question has 410 answers. One of the top answers is from Abhishek Singh, founder of Jago Niveshak, which is an online financial planning service in India. It’s incredibly detailed, with 24.5k views and 113 upvotes.

“Real Estate is as good as bad,” Singh says. “Real Estate is a good way to diversify your portfolio but not to[o] heavily rely on just one instrument.”

He also points out, “Real Estate is a good product when you are buying for self-use only. [It] is a good instrument [to] diversify your investing instrument but not rely on it. Real Estate involves active management, which is very hard for people who are working in a 9–5 job.”

QUESTION: What is the best way to invest in real estate?

With 345 answers, this question is in high demand. One of the most thorough answers comes from a property manager at OKC Home Realty Service, Scott Nachatilo. He had 513 views on his answer, with five upvotes.

“There are so many ways to profit in real estate, but you need to consider carefully where you want to end up,” Nachatilo notes. He then proceeds to outline some tips for investing in real estate, such as:

  • Develop A Broad, General Strategy That Will Get You Where You Want To Go
  • Figure Out Your Money
  • Don’t Be In Too Much Of A Hurry

At the end, he points out, “Buying rental properties in a slow and measured way while you learn the ropes.”

QUESTION: What are the perks of investing in real estate?

Why should we invest in real estate, whether buying or selling? It’s a frequently-asked question, and Peter Abualzolof, who owns a real estate analytics company, has an in-depth answer with a whopping 8.3k views.

“One of the best things about investing in real estate is that researching it is very easy. You don’t have to have years of experience in the field of real estate in order to be part of it,” he starts. “It also makes it easier for you to talk to a professional real estate investor with enough experience in the field.”

He adds, “Real estate properties are tangible assets, meaning they’re illiquid. Many take this feature as a disadvantage to real estate investing, but actually, it’s the opposite because tangible assets will always have value, unlike intangible ones (such as stocks), which can dip down to zero and lose all their value!”

The rest of his answer goes into more detail, but one final benefit to real estate is appreciation. Abualzolof notes, “Real estate appreciation is the increase of the investment property’s value over time. Simply said, buying an investment property and holding it for years guarantees the increase of its value.”

QUESTION: What is the process for selling a house?

Going back to basics, what is the process for selling a house? There are 162 answers, but Vikas Arora (MBA Real Estate & Finance) has one of the top-rated answers. He outlined some of the fundamental factors to selling a house in a very simple list:

  • Presentable:- First of all, make your house presentable, do a whitewash of the house if required.
  • Right Price:- Keep the price realistic, according to the market and according to the other similar properties.
  • Any time Visit:- Try to keep your house available for a visit any time as per prospective buyers.
  • Property papers ready:- Keep all the papers of the property complete in all aspects.
  • Promotion:- Do online and offline promotions of the property, Do advertisements at all available resources.
  • Listings of the property at Property sites like 99acres and Magicbricks.
  • The best advice is to choose the Right Property consultant(Dealer) for that location.

QUESTION: What are fast ways to sell a home?

We all want to make a sale quickly – it gives us peace of mind and makes things easier for everyone all around. Jeanette Vanderpool, Real Estate Agent, has some tips in her 117-view answer.

“Start by hiring a good agent, who has been in the area for at least 5–10 years and knows the market in your area,” she says, providing some sound advice. “Have that agent tell you what the market is doing and if this is a good time to sell. Then have them do comparables, and show you what other houses that “look like yours” are selling for, and have sold for in the past 90 days. This will give you a better idea of what is a reasonable price.”

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